Falkirk distillery

The founders embarked on the dream of building their own Lowland Whisky distillery over 10 years ago.  The family’s journey has mirrored the whisky process where time and patience produces the finest results.  This, coupled with The Founder’s steely determination and courage to take the road less travelled:

George’s interest in the extraction and bottling of natural spring water coupled with fervent admiration of the Scotch industry (lest not forget its finest produce) gave George the idea of bringing whisky back to Falkirk.  From here a diviner (whisky in hand) set about sourcing a site in George’s locality which would provide the finest source of water, our Artesian well.

Now for those ‘lost years’, where to begin?  This chapter or chapters can be summarised by a simple phrase: ‘blood, sweat and tears’. 

The Family drew on its own resources, using local labour, industry experts, sourced the best equipment and survived on a diet of determination. 

Every inch of the distillery from the laying of the first stone, to the hand crafted copper pagodas and the traditional bonded warehouse has been built to try and respect and mirror what whisky is about: ‘place, people, family and the future’.  Whisky is about tomorrow and tomorrow will surely be a better day….

Where are we today?: Falkirk Distillery is proud to announce the production of an ‘exceptional new make spirit’.

‘I think it was a dream…..or maybe a dram too many…possibly a combination of both.  I am proud of what we as a family have achieved and hope Falkirk Community can now share in our pride in bringing whisky distillation back to Falkirk .

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

Official Bottling