Edradour 11 Years Old 2000 SFTC Burgundy Cask

Edradour 11 Years Old 2000 Straight from the Cask Burgundy Cask Finish (57.1%, OB, 436 bottles, 2011)

  • Edradour Distillery
  • 57.1% ABV,
  • £50 for 50cl
  • Score 85/100

Edradour 11 Year Old Burgundy Finish Straight From The Cask

What they say: 

Edradour 11yo straight from the cask Burgundy cask finish. Outturn 436 bottles. 57.1% ABV. Distilled 30/6/2000 hogshead matured until 22/11/2008 into Burgundy cask. Bottled 18/07/2011

What I say:

I put this into my Christmas wish list and what do you know – either I was very good that year or Santa must have been listening! I am beginning to suspect my Fiance is Santa…

Anyway I was intrigued with this for a few reasons. 1. Cask strength, 2. Unusual wine finish, 3. From Edradour – Scotland’s teeniest tiniest distillery, 4. It comes in its own cute little colour-coded crate, 5. It’s whisky!

Interesting finishes are perhaps not everyone’s cup of whisky, however I really enjoy the interesting additions to the flavour, nose and colour. Underneath is the base Edradour spirit aged for 8 years then interred into a Burgundy wine cask for 3 years.  The Burgundy [or Borgogne] region in eastern  France  typically produces renowned dry red wines from pinot noir grapes. This gives the whisky huge forest fruit and musty oak flavours and stunning colour. I tend not to water my whisky unless I have to, in this case it is well worthwhile as there are huge amounts of more flavours going on that the alcohol overpowers.


Blood orange RED!


Oranges and cloves.


Warm caramel with orange, lemon and grapefruit leading to red berry jam and musky oak.


Light & long, slightly drying with ginger apple and cinnamon.

Would I buy it again:

Maybe not until I had tried all of the other finishes, but I would definitely buy from the Edradour straight from the cask series again [in fact I already have!]. The Burgundy finish is a big yes from me, think sherry finish but with distinction and terroir.

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