Aberlour 11 Years Old 2001 White Oak

Aberlour 11 Years Old 2001 White Oak

43% ABV, €30 for 70cl

Score 69/100

What they say:

This vintage expression Aberlour has been carefully matured in American White Oak casks. The White oak (quercus alba) wood influence provides characteristic soft notes of vanilla and coconut. This is a single malt of exceptional charm and skillfullness that showcases the distillery character of Aberlour. Casks filled in 2001, bottled in 2012.


Very fruity with sweet orange flavours and hints of butterscotch


Incredibly sweet, creamy and smooth. Syrupy fruit flavours


Long and sweet with hints of spicy liquorice

What I say:

Purchased this from Leclerc in Vire, Calvados, France as I am a big fan of Aberlour and this is bottled in France and not generally available in the UK. Cost around €25-30 so a good deal compared to whisky prices in the UK. This is a year older then the basic Aberlour expression and also focusses more on fruit from the spirit rather than the usual sherry cask.




Light, high sweetness to it with almost aniseed aromas


Apple, banana, coconut, fruit salad sweets, before toffee and lemon cream. There is a hint of slight cinnamon spice in here and a little drying on the back of the throat upon swallowing from the green [white] oak.


Warm, medium length finish with a little spice and lots of fruity sweetness

Would I buy it again:

This is more interesting and refined compared to the Aberlour 10 year old. I think I will cherish this one for now and look out for a similar cask maturation with a little more age. It is surprising how fruity the Aberlour distillate is as I had assumed much came from the sherry cask. This is a beautiful contrast to the 10 year old and a worthy part of my collection. Plus it is always nice to surprise friends with something they are likely not to have seen or tasted before. There is a good chance I will buy more of this.

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