Tobermory 10 Years Old

Tobermory 10 Years Old (46.3%, OB, 2012)

  • 46.3% ABV,
  • ~£26 for 70cl
  • Score: 82/100

tobermory 10

What they say:

For those fortunate enough to uncover it, here lies a gem of a whisky.  The Tobermory 10yo is an exquisitely handcrafted single malt from the magical isle’s only distillery.

Tobermory 10 year old has evolved with a new look and taste, reinforcing the premium quality and heritage of the brand.  By not chillfiltering our whisky, and with a strength of 46.3%, we ensure that you can appreciate the full depth of flavours, aromas and character of this fine malt whisky.  It is an ideal strength to dilute to your own taste.  You may expect a wonderful cloudy haze when adding water.  This is completely natural and with no caramel added you will be tasting whisky as natural as it can be – just as it should be.

A world renowned single malt as unique as this deserves to be held in a bottle with real character.  The specially selected glass proudly embraces the past; paying homage to the distinctive old green bottle and referencing some of the qualities of the historic Tobermory packaging.  The bottle is presented in a quality gift carton.


Bright lemony gold.


Rich island character with tantalising hints of grass, malt, gingerbread, stewed fruit syrup and finely polished oak.


Smooth, velvety with fruity tangs and exquisitely spiced gingerbread and aniseed for a medium sweetness to treasure.


Ginger and spicy oak, matched with bitter chocolate and almond that gently fades with a tail of sweet salty seas Un-chillfiltered @ 46.3%.


What I say:

Back to visit an old favourite. My first encounter with Tobermory whisky was as part of a dish at a restaurant in which they had used this whisky in the sauce! [Specifically this was a Work’s ‘Do’, Christmas Lunch at Elliots restaurant – part of the Apex Hotel on Waterloo Place in Edinburgh; the dish was Highland Venison in a chocolate and whisky sauce]. I remember thinking afterwards I didn’t really get the taste of single malt whisky, but then I hadn’t tried Tobermory. A year or so later I purchased a bottle for around £20 and discovered inside two of my most favourite things; a whisky that tasted of chocolate! In the end I drank this far too quickly to take notes so I recently purchased a £5 50ml miniature from the Deanston distillery [sister distillery in the same group]. Sadly I learned that in times of duress [circa. 1990’s] the Tobermory distillery sold their warehouse for development into housing, and so all their spirit is now matured next to the River Teith near Doune [in the Deanston]. So any sea salt picked out in the tasting must come directly from the distillate…




Bitter dark chocolate and sweet fruity honey a little like peaches or strawberries dipped in chocolate


A little earthy peat, chocolate and malt [bournvita] with dark bitter cocoa [like Cadbury’s Bournville instant chocolate drink] or coffee, musty/musky wood like the wooden smell from dunnage warehouses, a little fermented flavour and some spicy cinnamon.


Shortish smooth and sweet milky chocolate, a little almond, mellow and warming for an overall medium-length finish

Would I buy it again:

Whisky and chocolate in the same glass, ’nuff said. Yes I would buy this again and again and again. Hats off to the Chef by the way – this is the perfect whisky for any rich chocolate sauce whether pairing with venison or dessert! If preparing for dessert I would also recommend adding a little wasabi, sounds crazy but it actually adds a minty flavour to the sauce.

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