Deanston 12 Years Old

Deanston 12 Years Old

  • 46.3% ABV, ~£30 for 70cl
  • Score: 83/100

Deanston 12 Years Old

What they say:

NOSE. Expressive with hay and malty cereal notes. Creamy toffee and heather honey balanced with aromas of sweet oak and barley sugar TASTE.  Fresh and creamy with soft vanilla. Sweet and fruity with a malty honeyed spiciness FINISH.  Satisfying, clean and dry with a hint of cloves, tingling then gently fades P1050723

What I say:

Purchased this 50ml miniature for £5 from the distillery on my last visit, plus branded Glencairn glass and ex-whisky cask stave glass-holder [who let me in there without my mittens on!]. Have tried this on numerous occasions, particularly at the distillery, but have never sat down and properly reviewed it; so here’s what Paula and I though about the Deanston 12 Years Old.




Fresh toasted bread or toasted malt loaf [Soreen], barley malt, yeasty, sweet citrus/lemon, fresh elements, peppery? and almost rye whisky like cereal elements on the nose like wheat or cornflakes.


Smooth, warming and buttery, like hot buttered toast, a little prickly spice, some herbel [fennel?] and pleasantly bitter/savoury flavours, toffee, macadamia nut, Demerara sugar, syrupy in both flavour and texture


More cereal grain flavours, medium length with honey sweetness

Would I Buy it again:

Wishing I had bought a bigger bottle now as I really enjoyed this. It has a very homely and familiar feeling to drinking it, much like the comfort of tucking into a piece of hot-buttered toast on a cold and frosty morning [especially if someone else made it – as other peoples toast always tastes better!]. With all the craze of finished whiskies and rare old whiskies etc. I had forgotten just how good simple whisky could be. Admittedly the history of distilling at the Deanston distillery is not as old as many of the other distilleries, and their whisky can be more difficult to find [unless you come across the 40%ABV expression specifically bottled for Marks and Spencers], but it is well worth seeking out and trying!

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