Bowmore Legend

Bowmore Legend

NAS, 40% ABV, £25 for 70cl

Score 72/100

What they say:

Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky: Legend

Islay is a stunningly beautiful, unspoilt island that lies off the west coast of Scotland. Bowmore is the original Islay distillery, having hand crafted its award winning single malt whisky since 1779. Bowmore lies at the heart of the island, on the shore of Loch Indaal, and is regarded as the ‘best balanced’ Islay malt whisky, characterised by its wonderfully rich, warm and smoky flavours.


Light gold


Peat smoke and hints of fresh sea air


Bold zesty lemon and smoke with a touch of honey


The finish is full and warm with distinctive Islay peat smoke

What I say:

This is a nice basic expression from the Bowmore distillery. For once I am in total agreement with the tasting notes on the bottle, probably because the flavours in this are strong and punchy and can’t really be misinterpreted as anything else. I still have a little fondness for Bowmore as they were my entry distillers into whisky tasting. A sprinkle of this is also great for whisky-flavouring foodstuffs when cooking, not a sin so long as the food does the flavouring justice! From memory I think I picked this up at the supermarket (Asda or Morrisons?) for around £25 when it was on offer (about £6 to £10 below list price).


Pale gold


Esters and light peat smoke, like lemon pledge and old bbq coals


Citrus lemon and honey sweetness with smokey peanut brittle


Long and lingering smoke a little like creosote

Would I buy it again:

I think I’ll always have a Bowmore expression stashed away somewhere in the house. At the price of this I would expect to re-buy it again and again. I would also like to try much more from Bowmore, especially as many of my Islay whisky bottles recently have come from the south, where the peat influences are much stronger. Bowmore give you a peaty whisky that is very tempered and balanced and therefore ultimately pleasurable to drink. In fact from the aroma of this it is surprising how much of a pure lemon hit you get at first before the smoke wafts its way in. I feel myself going back to the bottle to pour another one…

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