Bruichladdich Organic 2003

Bruichladdich Organic Mid Coul, Coulmore, Mains of Tullibardine Farms (46%, OB, 2011)

  • NAS, 46% ABV, RRP £35 for 70cl
  • Score 73/100

What they say: Following on from our landmark Organic 2003 vintage, this release is a multi-vintage vatting in which Jim McEwan has brought together the finest organic barley from our farmers and partners, Sir William Roberts of Mains of Tullibardine, William Rose at Mid Coul and Neil Scobie at Coulmore.

 This single malt whisky was, in 2011, awarded “Exceptional” status and three stars by the tasters of the prestigious Gault Millau and Michelin Superior Taste Awards – the only spirit to be so recognised. And these guys know their stuff!


An elegant, composed and stylishly vibrant spirit that showcases the absolute finesse, purity, definition and elegance of organically grown barley.


Late summer barley.


Opens on a light almond note with a twist of candied lemon. Followed by the magical aromatics of toasted barley, floral and fruit notes with a hint of lemon honey intermingling beautifully. Toffee sweetness comes from American oak cask and as the spirit opens little drifts of succulent papaya, melon and kiwi can be found.


The texture is sensational, the spirit gliding over the palate like warm syrup. The taste buds love the purity and the sensational clarity of flavours being presented. A real sweetness on the front palate, barley sugar, honey almonds, green jelly beans, pear drops all splashed with fresh lemons and balanced by the crispness of malted barley.


An intensity and definition of flavour that is unparalleled. Incredibly fresh giving an unforgettable palate experience that leaves the taste buds tingling and overwhelmed.


Mischievous. Coy, flirtatious, Lolita. A breast-surging, bodice ripper: breathlessly virtuous.

What I say:

I bought a 20cl bottle of this for £16 from Villeneuve wines in Peebles. I have just recently polished off a bottle of the Bruichladdich Rocks and was looking for something more from the Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay and was intrigued with organic whisky [having previously sampled Benromach Organic].


Pale straw yellow gold


Barley malt, clean and smooth with sweet blossom honey


Mellow lemon meringue, biscuits with a little white pepper spice and very subtle metallic copper, most of the flavour is on the initial hit though there are traces of vanilla and honey that last


Long, clean and smooth almost fizzing on the tongue, very refreshing

Would I buy it again:

Definitely! I have developed a huge appreciation for Bruichladdich’s offerings and love the idea of producing whisky the old-fashioned way using barley grown in the local fields. This returns the concept of terroir fully to whisky distillation, unlike the big corporations trucking in their malted barley for the production line. This tastes young and light but is very highly drinkable and has a depth and complexity in the first few seconds in the mouth that are renewed afresh on serial sipping.

To find out more about Bruichladdich passionate approach to barley see:

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