Balcones 5th Anniversary Bourbon Cask 2

Review: Balcones 5th Anniversary Bourbon Cask 2 (65.7%, OB, 2014)

  • Category: Texan bourbon whiskey
  • Origin: Balcones Distillery
  • Bottling: Offical
  • ABV: 65.7%
  • Cost: £125 for 750ml
  • Score: 91/100


What they say:

The second of four single barrel bourbons from Balcones, released as part of their fifth anniversary spectacular. The previous release sold like hot cakes on a cold day, and with darn good reason too – it was incredible. The second verse is same as the first, as they say, because second release is also an utterly mind-blowing Texas straight bourbon from Chip and the Balcones chaps.

Only 169 bottles were produced.

Nose: Complex, extraordinary caramels, green anise and that coffee-edged Toffifee we saw in the 1st Release.

Palate: Quite dry with subtle tobacco notes and rich toffee.

Finish: Creamy and delicious with Toffifee goodness and tobacco leaf rolling on and on.

#BalconesWhisky 5ABC

What I say:

Dram #2 from the Balcones Distillers Selection Private Barrel Tour Twitter Tasting was the 5th Anniversary Single Barrel Bourbon 2nd release


Blood red


fruity, tannic leather/suede, toffee, blood oranges, butterscotch, floral heather, with a little sweet tobacco


drying tannins, chewy toffee and chewier tobacco, pecan pie with maple syrup, sweet honey & black pepper.

Would I buy it:

Sadly very limited and sold out.

Thanks to Balcones Whisky, Chip Tate, Winston Edwards, Steve Rush (@TheWhiskyWire) and Emily Harris (@emilymayfox) for organising samples and tasting event.

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