Back to Basics for 2018

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Regular readers are probably aware that each year I set myself some sort of Whisky Review Challenge. This year I have decided to go back to basics and attempt to sample the standard and preferably age-stated official bottling (or independent equivalent where OB’s are not produced) for each of the Scotch whisky distilleries currently in production, including several new ones built in ~2014 which should be producing official single malt whisky right about now.

Contrary to previous challenges which included sampling from all distilleries, sampling from every SMWS distillery code, etc. I propose a set list which will aid me in my quest. As I have already reviewed many of these. Included here are links to those reviewed previously but I will attempt to re-review them if possible and update this list as I progress.

My 2018 back to basics dram list is as follows:


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