Speyburn Bradan Orach

Speyburn Bradan Orach (40%, OB, 2014)

  • 40% ABV,
  • £20 for 70cl
  • Score: 84/100


What they say:

Water is at the heart of Speyburn Single Malt. Speyburn is the only distillery to use water from the Granty Burn, a tributary of the River Spey famed for its purity and its world-class salmon fishing.

This, combined with time-honoured methods of distillation, gives Speyburn Single Malt its distinctively warm, full flavour.

Speyburn Bradan Orach Single Malt Whisky

Gaelic for ‘Golden Salmon’, Bradan Orach is a classic, easy drinking Speyside malt whisky, matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks.

The bourbon wood gives the whisky a wonderful complexity and depth, without making it overly challenging. Like the 10 Year Old, this malt is very easy to drink and a great way to get to know Speyburn.

Colour: Bright, golden-amber colour

Nose: Green apples, honey, lemon and floral vanilla spices

Taste: Subtle and delicate with vanilla and honey, full bodied, creamy and smooth with a long lasting spicy finish

Speyburn Bradan Orach

What I say:

So it is with increasing infrequency we come across a completely un-sampled/uncharted distillery on our course here at The Whiskyphiles. Speyburn (a little like Ardmore) has been one of those distilleries whose bottles I had picked up off countless shelves and hmmd and hawd about buying, until eventually having something else catch my eye (and purse). Finally I found a bottle for sub £20 and decided that it was too good an offer to let go – plus it was really time this made our list as a sampled scotch!


Full refractive gold


Cereal barley malt, fresh mown hay, peaches, clementines, orange oil, fruity apples, sweet honey and pear drops sweeties


Pear drops, apple and cinnamon Danish pastries, vanilla custard, honey and almonds in Greek yoghurt


Medium, cinnamon spice, oaky wood and vanilla custard


Really rather pleasing and enjoyable. For the price this is a good everyday, quaffable dram. Plenty of typical Speyside character with enough fruits and sweetness to keep it rolling along. One or two hints of youthfulness (pear drops) that give it a little vim and vigour but don’t spoil the party. I was actually very impressed, as a standard no-age statement (NAS) expression from a distillery this has character, subtlety and is a very nice dram.

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