Scapa 16 Years Old

Scapa 16 Years Old (40%, OB, 2014)

  • 40% ABV,
  • £56.95
  • Score: 83/100


What they say:

Relaunched in late 2008, this is admittedly quite a price hike on the beloved 14 year old but is nonetheless the first must-try malt of 2009. The distillers described this as “sweet and silky-smooth heather-honey taste, perfectly balanced with delicate spice. A smooth and full-bodied single malt”.

Official Tasting Notes Colour: Deep honeyed gold Nose: Heavy butterscotch sweetness, dried fruits, subtle hints of orange. Body: Smooth and full Palate: Perfectly balanced, wild honey and heather, delicate spices. Finish: Very rich and long with a distinct dry aftertaste

What I say:

The Scapa 16 Years Old, an Orcadian whisky which is sweet and gentle and about as far from the Highland Park Norse warrior smashing your tastebuds in as you can get. This was a great starter whisky, golden, smooth and pleasingly flavoured with chocolate, toffee, fudge, butterscotch and vanilla. The finish was medium length and carried on these smooth and creamily pleasant flavours.

Originally sampled at Water of Life Society Tasting Event #2 The exception to the rule

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