Glengoyne 10 Years Old

Glengoyne 10 Years Old (40%, OB, 2015)

Highland single malt scotch whisky

40% ABV, £32.33

Score: 83/100


What they say:

Fresh green apples, toffee and a hint of nuttiness. This is the taste of distilling slower than anyone else in Scotland, of barley we dry by air – never peat – and of oak casks we select by hand. Just as we’ve always done.

Official Tasting Notes A fresh, delicate nose and a light golden colour indicates lightness and subtlety. A refined, well balanced malt scotch whisky in taste, made all the more rewarding by its unpeated style and light, yet complex taste. Appearance: Golden yellow. Clear and bright Nose: Sweet, with toffee and popcorn aromas. Slightly nutty, with fresh green apples coming through Mouthfeel: Warming Initial Taste: Clean. Green apples and grass with a hint of sweet liquorice After Water: Sweeter. Linseed oil and almonds. Finish: Sweet and malty Comments: Great introduction to Glengoyne range.

What I say:

Sample during Water of Life Society (WoLS) meeting 27/02/2014 – Whisky and Cheese Pairing, paired with Prima Donna a Dutch cheese brand of Vandersterre Groep. It competes with Parrano, a trademarked brand of Vandersterre’s competitor Uniekaas Groep.Like Parrano it combines the flavour of aged Italian parmesan with the pliant texture of Dutch Gouda cheese. / Prima Donna has a slight nuttiness that was complimenting the nutty sherry influence of the Glengoyne 10.


Ruby gold


Sherry, fruity, red berry fruits


Cereal malt, toffee apple, nutty and sherry ‘fizz’ leather and wood. After water, Sweeter. Linseed oil and almonds.


Medium, initially drying then mouth-watering fruit and leather tannins


Distinctly more sherried in colour, nose and palate than official tasting notes suggest – perhaps as a result of the cheese pairing?

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