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Talisker 57° North


Another hugely enjoyable expression from Talisker, sadly discontinued but thankfully this appears to have been replaced with strong and youthful Talisker’s featuring in Diageo’s special releases – hopefully one day I’ll get to try them. 89/100

Waterford Bannow Island 1.2


Salty and oily fish with a dash of lemon juice – not flavours I’m really looking for in a whisky. Whilst Terroir-driven whiskey may be a fantastical experiment/marketing hack to sell Waterford they seriously need to improve their output to tempt me into drinking it again. 66/100

Nc’nean Organic Batch 1

Nc'nean Whisky Cut Out Box

Another vanillic sweet and fruity malt, this feels quite a bit younger and fresher, still some zest and spice present from the distillate. Some deeper notes and a beery/yeasty aroma to it once it had breathed – possibly some influence from the cask maturation. 82/100