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Jura Winter Edition


Jura Winter Edition Whisky Review: A classic Jura expression, not sherried to death but the spirit is really brought to life by the addition of sherry-derived flavours complementing core Jura distillate. For me this is much more of an autmnal dram than a winter warmer due to the association with ‘bonfire night’ flavours. 87/100

Jura Two-One-Two


Jura Two-One-Two whisky review: Delicious! A great classic Jura expression full of coastal salinity and sweetness and that wonderfully complex toffee/latte coffee mixture and even a complimentary hint of mint present in this. 86/100

Jura Seven Wood


Jura Seven Wood whisky review: A little disappointing, the nose seemed OK but hardly worth it after that. It was hard to place any defined flavours and the whole thing seemed quite watery/watered-down in flavour. I think my expectations were met here and this seems to be the bin-end or infinity bottle for Jura’s leftover, random and mostly worn-out casks. 77/100