Paul John

At Paul John Whisky, the creation of pure liquid gold with rich aromas, exotic flavours and delectable spices is but an exquisite art. Years of research and study on distillation and the country’s whisky culture convinced Mr Paul P John that he could create a single malt that would present the innumerable hues of India, a single malt made in India not just for Indians to relish but for the whole world to experience- ‘The Great Indian Single Malt’.

Founded in 1996, today with sales of more than 15 million cases, John Distilleries is also the manufacturer of the world’s sixth-largest whisky brand – Original Choice Whisky. Paul John, a single malt whisky from John Distilleries, has been gaining a reputation in the niche market. Its other major brands include Bangalore Malt, Black Pelican Fine Whisky, Mont Castle French Grape Brandy and Big Banyan Wines. Sazerac, the second-largest family-owned spirits company in the US, has taken a strategic investment in John Distilleries.

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

Official bottling
  • paul-john-bold-single-malt-whisky Paul John Bold (2015) - Paul John Bold whisky review: A very nice expression from Paul John Indian single malt whisky. For us this peated Bold expression didn't seem to be as peat-centric as Edited, in fact the peat seemed subtle and really took a back seat in the nose which was full of sugary and exotic fruits. The peat came to the fore on the palate where it was almost perfectly balanced with a honey sweetness. We found this one to be very approachable and friendly (not harsh and challenging) and Bold in its confident presentation. 84/100
  • paul-john-bold-single-malt-whisky Paul John Bold (2018) - Paul John Bold whisky review: On revisiting this I had quite a different experience, the peat influence appears to have grown despite this likely gaining a couple of years maturation since we tasted the inaugural release version back in 2015. Perhaps it was this extra maturation or the gentle introduction by way of the Edited expression prior, but I was much more aware of the peat influence this time and enjoyed it quite a bit more too. 87/100
  • paul-john-brilliance-whisky Paul John Brilliance (2014) - Paul John Brilliance (46%, OB, 2014) Category: Indian single malt scotch whisky Origin:  Paul John distillery Bottling: Paul John, OB ABV: 46% Cost: £34.96 What they say All the brilliance of […]
  • paul-john-brilliance-whisky Paul John Brilliance (2021) - Solid, sweet and malty and some good fruity and floral notes too. Not too spirity and a touch spicy and drying at the end to keep it interesting. 82/100
  • paul-john-brilliance-whisky Paul John Brilliance (2018) - Paul John Brilliance revisit: Still very delicious and drinkable, perhaps it was the heat we were sampling this at but it reminded me more of a mixture of bourbon and single malt scotch whisky. It has the cereal depth but the maturation heat and woody influences were more apperent, still a great starter dram from Paul John. 84/100
  • paul-john-christmas-edition-2020-whisky Paul John Christmas Edition 2020 (2021) - Sweet and softly peated, I already suspected a mixture of peated & unpeated casks used in the mixture here similar to some of Paul John's standard range, strikes a really lovely balance between sweet & peat. 88/100
  • paul-john-classic-select-cask-whisky Paul John Classic Select Cask (2018) - Paul John Classic Select Cask whisky review: A definite improvement over the already impressive Brilliance. Select cask brings a lot more flavours to the palate which are delivered beautifully and very drinkable at 55.2% ABV, a little water softens it and reveals further more. Definitely one to watch how it develops over coming batches! 88/100
  • paul-john-edited-whisky Paul John Edited (2018) - Paul John Edited whisky review: Tried previously but I hadn't managed to write up notes. I do remember being taken aback by how 'peaty' this one seemed but I recognize this now as that herby/heathery and mentholic peat which I sometimes find a little challenging in Highland Park expressions. Presented well here it fits right into the sweet and malty Paul John (much as HP's maltiness often rescues their expressions on my palate too). A wonderful blending together of Scotch and Indian single malt palates, sweet, malty, minty and peaty. 85/100
  • paul-john-oloroso-select-cask Paul John Oloroso (2021) - Good work from the Oloroso casks here with classic dried fruit and chocolate to the fore. 84/100
  • paul-john-peated-select-cask-whisky Paul John Peated Select Cask (2018) - Paul John Peated Select Cask whisky review: Even more fun at Select Cask strength, this peated edition presents the ideal sweet and peaty mixture again with a chewy cereal backbone to this whisky. 89/100
Independent bottling
  • Paul-John-6-YO-cadenheads Paul John 6 Years Old 2011 Small Batch (2020) - Blind tasting - Definitely peated but plenty of other powerful maturation notes going on in this one too, didn't pick up on the ABV but it tasted right even at this strength - typical of Indian whiskies. 84/100
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  • paul-john-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whisky Paul John 6 Years Old Batch 3 (2020) - Paul John 6 Years Old Batch #3 Whisky Review: Quite intense and occasionally a little harsh on the palate with the peat influence, however massess of creamy vanilla and rich chocolate work wonders here too! 85/100