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Dalmore 12 Years Old Sherry Cask Select

The Dalmore Sherry Cask Select 12 YO

Dalmore 12 Years Old Sherry Cask Select Whisky Review: A classic Dalmore, from memory this does have some deeper nut/fruit/chocolate flavours in here than the standard Dalmore 12 Years Old – though it has been some time since I last tried the standard expression. I’d be interested to see at what price this retails at, though Dalmore fans will likely buy it regardless. 84/100

Lambay Single Malt


Lambay Single Malt Whisky Review: A lovely dram, full of ‘green’ fruits, kiwi, banana and coconut, there are hints of tannic oak wood and woody sugars that along with some of these fruits may have developed from the Cognac cask finish? 83/100

The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.3


The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.3 Whisky Review: A definite move in the right direction in this series, delivered at a more approachable ABV. This has a super nose but sadly it is not totally backed up on the palate. Perhaps an indication of the Lakes young spirit, given time (maturation) perhaps this inbalance will be redressed? 85/100