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Eden Mill 2019 Release


Eden Mill 2019 Release Whisky Review: Quite unusual and I’m left wondering if this is the effect of the usage of Crystal and Chocolate malted barley for some part of the distillations in this mixture. Very chocolatey with plenty of cocoa powder, raisin, black cherry fruit flavours and very creamy toffee texture. 83/100

FEW Single Malt Whisky


FEW Single Malt Whisky review: A rather unusual single malt example, does what it says on the tin. It’s like Scotch single malt but only superficially, so I guess this really is a US style single malt whisk(e)y – I’m still unsure whether or not to include the ‘e’! 72/100

FEW Bourbon


FEW Bourbon Spirit review: An unusually spicy bourbon/spirit drink, lots of new make spirit influence and a good dose of new american/white oak wood – that’s about where any similarity to (my experience of) bourbon ends. 70/100



FEW Rye review: A rather well-balanced and drinkable Rye (dare I call it Whiskey?), not too spicy with plenty of fruity elements this is good enough to drink neat or has mileage for mixing into cocktails and longer drinks if required. Definitely improving! 84/100

Redbreast 32 Years Old 1985 Dream Cask

Redbreast Dream Cask

Redbreast 32 Years Old 1985 Dream Cask whiskey review: Despite being only 1 year older, I found this much more woody and redolent of chocolate then the last time we sampled it. A lot of the tropical fruit elements were hidden behind a much earthier, darker chocolate and older wood. The really reminded me of some great red wines wherein the fruity black and elder berry notes have a distinct earthiness to them adding great body. A different experience but still a very, very good whiskey! 92/100



FEW Rye (46.5%, OB, 2017) Category: US Rye Whiskey Origin: FEW Distillery Bottling: FEW ABV: 46.5% Cost: £66.95 What they say: Bear witness to the revival of rye. Born of the hearty […]