History Founded in 1897, the building was designed by John Alcock, and the building was overseen by Charles Doig & Son. It starting producing when James Buchanan Co. Ltd. and three members of Glentauchers Distillery Co. joined hands with Glentachers a year after that. It was mothballed by United Distillers in 1985, and sold to Allied Distillers in 1989. Malts from this distillery are rarely bottled, usually, the produced whisky is used in blended whiskies. In 2000, an official bottling was released. This was a 15-year-old whisky. Before that a semi-official bottling was released by Gordon & MacPhail in the 1990s. The distillery has three spirit stills and three wash stills, with a total production capacity of 4,500,000 litres (990,000 imp gal) of pure alcohol per year.

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

Official Bottling
Independent Bottling
Gordon & MacPhail
  • Glentauchers 19 Year Old 1991 Gordon & Macphail Glentauchers 1991 Distillery Labels (Gordon & MacPhail) (2013) - Glentauchers 1991 Distillery Labels (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, 2010) Glentauchers Distillery Gordon & MacPhail 43% ABV, RRP £42.99 for 70cl Score 89/100 What they say: Gordon & MacPhail “Located in the north-east […]
  • glentauchers-1996-bottled-2016-gordon-and-macphail-whisky Glentauchers 1996 Distillery Labels (2017) - Glentauchers 1996 Distillery Labels (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, 2016) Whisky Review Category: Speyside single malt scotch whisky Origin: Glentauchers Distillery Bottling: Gordon & Macphail; Distillery Labels collection ABV: 43% Cost: £49.83 What […]
  • glentauchers-27-year-old-1991-connoisseurs-choice-gordon-and-macphail-whisky Glentauchers 27 Years Old 1991 Connoisseurs Choice (2020) - Glentauchers 27 Years Old 1991 Connoisseurs Choice Whisky Review: Full of dark smoke and wood, not too fruity and a little mineralic/flinty make for a rather unusual but enjoyable expression. 86/100
Great Drams
  • Glentauchers-10yo-GD Glentauchers 10 Years Old 2009 Single Cask Series (Great Drams) (2020) - Glentauchers 10 Years Old 2009 The GreatDrams Single Cask Series Whisky Review: Another very drinkable expression from this Single Cask Series, sweet and full of cereal and fruit flavours, very accomplished for its 10 years in ex-bourbon oak. 84/100
Scotch Malt Whisky Society
  • 63.49-web SMWS 63.49 In the dark of the abyss (2018) - SMWS 63.49 In the dark of the abyss whisky review: A beautifully over-sherried anything. Sold like hot cakes because of its dark colour. Lots of overtly sherry-like influence only not the good bits. Too spicy, too burnt. Not a trace of Glentauchers left. A great swig, probably better with water but it could take some time to find the right amount to dilute this one with. 83/100
That Boutique-Y Whisky Company
  • glentauchers-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whisky-17-batch-2 Glentauchers 17 Years Old Batch 2 (2017) - A very nice example of standard Glentauchers output, carries some good malt, toffee and fruit and those more uncommon herbal and spice notes too. 83/100
  • Glentauchers 44 Years Old Batch 10 (2021) - Very drinkable, plenty of oak wood - no surprise for 44 years in the cask but also remarkably light still at this age, very suggestive of a refill cask and for my mind nothing dissuades me from ex-bourbon her 91/100
The Good Spirits Company
  • Glentauchers 8 Years Old 2008 Cask 23 Batch 17 (2020) - The Good Spirits Co. Cask 23 batch 17 whisky review: Potent at 63% but takes water well. Plenty of malt and dried fruits in here. Drinking (as I thought) as a blende malt I found this quite complex but without identifiable flavours. 81/100