Category: Springbank

Springbank 12 Years Old


This is a touch more closed initially than the 10yo but full of similar notes. Interestingly this batch (Batch 21, May 2021, 55.4%) has been constructed from 50:50 bourbon:sherry casks whereas previous editions have been reported at 35:65. There is more baked fruits here and some tarter citrus and earthier cranberry present. 86/100

Springbank 12 Years Old 2004 Sherry Cask


Springbank 12 Years Old 2004 Refill Sherry Butt Whisky Review: Bitter and peaty thanks to the moderated cask maturation but still a mouthful of juicy dried fruits in here that brings this dram to life. Even the more “off” notes, metallic, liqourice and aniseed sort of belonged in this dram. The sort of whisky I’d describe as putting hairs on your chest, quiet invigorating or energizing this one. 86/100

Springbank 14 Years Old 2002 Rum Cask


Springbank 14 Years Old 2002 Rum Cask Whisky Review: A touch spicier and more bitter, I did prefer the Hazelburn though not by much. This has some lovely funk and engine oil dirtiness I associate with Springbank but just enough sweetness from the spirit and the rum cask to keep it palateable. I feel the more rum-casked whiskies I have the less that Rum-cask maturation brings to the party – to the point I am not actively seeking any more. 83/100