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SMWS 65.5 Old School Speyside

A fantastic old Imperial with lots of dusty and woody sugars and oodles of fruit sweetness in this one. Befitting its age this becomes drying and leathery with some great tannins too. I suspect the rechar HH was a finish here as it would have been unusual to have been the initial cask but it…

Latest US whiskey reviews

Evan Williams White Label

Presented at a higher ABV I enjoyed this much more than Evan Williams Black Label, there is plenty of peppery nature to it and a depth of sweetness to keep it interesting. 83/100

Rebel 10 Years Old Single Barrel Bourbon

At 10 years old and 50% ABV / 100 proof this is a robust Bourbon offering from Rebel, sweet and cereal spirit from the Wheated mashbill is infused with plenty of wood influences, produced in batches which may vary but will retain this essential nature I suspect. 84/100

Latest Irish whiskey reviews

Irish Single Malt #2 15 Years Old Batch 6

Sweet and clean, creamy and with plenty of fruit suggestive of mostly spirit and ex-Bourbon maturation keeping things fairly straightforward and enjoyingly simple. A touch odd in the finish – perhaps indicative of the distillate source? 85/100

Latest World whisky reviews

Shirakawa 1958

A truly delicious combination of tropical fruit, nuts and exotic oak wood influence full of earthy and woody spices and chocolate. It is hard to compare this unique piece of liquid history other than to say it is on par with some of the oldest Scotch single malts invariably derived from Speyside thanks to their…

Latest other spirits reviews

Banditti Club Rum

Despite the initial hit on the nose this is a pretty solid spiced rum and though I didn’t try it I can imagine this mixes well also. Plenty of festive spices to be found. 80/100

Domaine d’Aurensan 20 Ans

Woody but so drinkable, I hadn’t appreciated when sampling this that it wasn’t all 20 years old! Some soft floral notes but this is mostly wood and dried herbs and fruits with a generous nutty and chocolate component too, superb! 86/100

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