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Glenkinchie Tattoo Edition

Fuller and more flavoured than the standard 12 year old and the addition of some extra fruity notes adds substance where often I find it to be lacking or a bit thin at least. Perhaps the delivery at 46% ABV has really helped here. 84/100


Glenallachie 14 Years Old Oloroso UK Exclusive

An absolute and utter Sherry Bomb! A mixture of Christmas cake, espresso coffee and nutty chocolate served to perfection. With an evocative nose of Christmases past and full-on sherry drenched palate, even better despite being perfectly drinkable as presented it also waters well if you desire. 88/100

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Yellowstone select Bourbon Whiskey

Yellowstone Select Bourbon

Great nose and palate, not overly complex but enough wood and spice present to balance out the natural sweetness thanks to the rye inclusion. An accomplished entry-level bourbon.

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Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey

Yellow Spot 12 Years Old

Very much Pot still style, woody and spice driven familiar from unmalted barley. Plenty of yellow/stone fruits present in here despite the unusual cask combination used, I’d have expected something a little darker and drier like fruitcake, instead it is peached and cream. 84/100

Teeling stout cask finish whisky

Teeling Stout Cask Finish

An unusual but very nice/enjoyable expression, this still has quite a lot of citrus aroma and flavour from the base whiskey blend but it is not sharp/acidic and compliments well the very creamy chocolate nature derived from the stout casks.

Dingle Single Malt

A delicious introduction to Dingle distillery and rather accomplished for its age, rewarding the use of 1st fill casks this is rich and fruity and has plenty of chewy woody influence too.

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Starward 3 Years Old Batch 1

Massively chewy and woody and with plenty of spices and tannins too. Combined with all the dried fruit this did have a Christmas pudding & mince pie feel to it, careful addition of water will probably get the best out of this one. 83/100

Starward Solera

Fruity and spiced, well balanced and with plenty of maltiness here too. Tasting blind/forgetting the heritage of this one I assumed some Australian Red wine casks had been at work here. 84/100

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