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Irish Distillers, maker of some of the world’s most well-known and successful Irish whiskeys, is proud to introduce its latest expression in innovation with the launch of METHOD AND MADNESS Oats and Malt. Only the second-ever release from the company’s Micro Distillery, Oats and Malt is a limited-edition release that continues to push the boundaries for Irish whiskey. #whisky #news

Tullibardine launch Custodian Club for biggest supporters  

We’re excited to announce that we’ve created a new VIP membership especially for our biggest supporters called the Custodian Club. Members will receive a whole host of offers, exclusive discounts at the distillery, first access to new releases, and a say in new bottlings among many other benefits.

Latest Scotch whisky reviews


Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve

Drinkable and well-textured (light & silky or smooth) as expected from The Glenlivet. Filled with plenty of fruit, some tropical, with a touch of syrup and spice to help it along. A refreshing alternative to The Glenlivet’s classic 12 Year old expression for example and in similar price bracket. 83/100


Black Bottle

Black Bottle offers a characterful blended scotch with good structure and strong flavours. A delight amongst insipid vanilla & lemon blends that let far to much youthful grain spirit shine. An easy equal to many a single malt and much more chewy and substantial than JW Black Label (for example). This has rapidly become my ‘go to’ Blended scotch. 83/100


Tullibardine 500

My favourite of the tasting – I guess no surprises there! I guess like the whole range I felt this was a bit safe and unchallenging. I’d prefer a bit more strength or depth to some of the finishing flavours – but perhaps that’s just my palate and predilections. The whole range is quite polished and well put together, meaning accessibility and joy for newcomers. Thankfully Tullibardine have extended their signature and other ranges greatly since these were released in 2013 and I guess I should be exploring these more myself. 83/100

Latest US whiskey reviews


Westland Garryana 2020

Complex with plenty of wood influence but also fruity, spicy and chocolate notes abound. Lifted by presentation at 50% ABV this has much more depth and presence than the heritage collection. 86/100

Latest Irish whiskey reviews


The Irishman Single Malt

Of similar quality to The Irishman The Harvest expression but quite a different character, lacking that Pot Still spice and also complexity from both malt and mixed cask maturation resulting in something very enjoyable. 84/100

The Irishman The Harvest

Robust thanks to the Pot Still spices bestowed by green barley, vanilla from the Bourbon oak and biscuity malt notes also lead to an entertaining and complex dram for an entry-level price. 84/100


Writers Tears Seaweed IPA Cask

Another rather unique expression, definitely a cut above the standard Writers Tears expressions available. A touch overtly hoppy in places which I certainly enjoyed but really shines in the finish. 84/100

Latest World whisky reviews


HighGlen 3 Years Old Batch 1

Quite delicate nose and palate on this expression, biscuity and lemon-infused with the addition of ginger and thyme in places. Quite dessert-like and syrupy. Surprised this doesn’t feel like it is only 3 years old this one is more mature than its years. 85/100

Latest other spirits reviews


Domaine d’Aurensan 20 Ans

Woody but so drinkable, I hadn’t appreciated when sampling this that it wasn’t all 20 years old! Some soft floral notes but this is mostly wood and dried herbs and fruits with a generous nutty and chocolate component too, superb! 86/100


Chateau de Lacquy VSOP

Quite neutral despite its obvious fruity nature the sweetness has been tempered by plenty of wood talking here and saying good things. I really enjoyed this one. 85/100


Drouin Reserve Des Fiefs

Superb, creamy textured and vibrantly fruity this has something of a curd or yoghurty nature and the youth comes through as banana milkshake (estery and creamy). A great insight into Drouin’s base spirit nature. 84/100

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