The Whiskyphiles

Whiskyphile, noun [C] specialized / ˈwɪɪl / a disciplined devotion to whisky, first known use 2013.


About The Whiskyphiles

The Whiskyphiles is a blog primarily about whisky; literally translated as ‘whisky-lovers’, whiskyphiles are people who show a disciplined devotion to whisky. Within the blog is a repository of personal tasting notes & opinions that form the reviews on whisky we have sampled, including Scotch, single malts, single grains, blended malts and blended scotch, worldwide whisky including Japanese, Bourbon, Irish, Canadian, Tasmanian, French, German, English, Dutch, Welsh, Swedish, South African, Belgian, Swiss, Taiwanese.. the list goes on. Before distilling whisky we need to make beer and again we love beer almost as much too, plus other spirits like Calvados, Rum, also wine, port, sherry, etc. in fact anything that is oak-aged and may be used in whisky-making for cask maturation interests us. We love to see where whisky is made, visiting distilleries to get a feel for their character or terroir and the environment from which it comes.

Who reads The Whiskyphiles?

We receive around 20,000 visitors per month (~500/day) worldwide with the majority readers from the UK and US and significant interest from Germany, Australia, Canada, France, The Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China and Sweden.


About me?

I am a Whisky Educator, Travel-Tourist and Blogger who loves whisky and visiting distilleries. I am an experienced Whiskyphile and Gastronome (Connoisseur of fine whisky and food). In my professional career (Dr Barry Bradford, BSc. MSc.) I am a post-doctoral research scientist with degrees in both Neuroscience and Immunology I have a keen analytical mind and a love for nature. Based in Livingston, Scotland I do most of my dramming at the University of Edinburgh Water of Life Society and Scotch Malt Whisky Society. I keep progress of my travels via the Alfred Barnard Society.

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I am also a member of the following societies:

Alfred Barnard Society: Founding member

Alfred Barnard Society BlogAlfred Barnard Society on FacebookAlfred Barnard Society on Twitter

Edinburgh University – Water of Life Society: Communications Officer 2014/2015


Ardbeg Committee
Arran White Stags
Balvenie Warehouse 24
Bardstown Whiskey Society
Benromach Friends
Bunnahabhain North Star
Clan Speyburn
Dalmore Custodian
Deanston The Weaving Shed
Friends of the Classic Malts
Friends of Laphroaig
Glenfarclas Global Family
Glenfiddich explorers/Collective
Glengoyne Family
Glenlivet Guardians
Highland Park Inner Circle
Honorary Diurach (Jura)
Kilchoman Club
Tobermory The Stone Circle

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