The Whiskyphiles

Whiskyphile, noun [C] specialized / ˈwɪɪl / a disciplined devotion to whisky. Established 2013.


About The Whiskyphiles

Launched in 2013 as a community and resource for whisky lovers (whiskyphiles), this site is an archive of personal tasting notes and opinions that form our whisky reviews and whisky scores. In our whisktionary the terminology of whisky production is explained, and our profiles of distilleries and companies that produce whisky provide invaluable information for further exploration. We keep a keen eye on new whisky releases, and publish opinion pieces on all aspects of the whisky industry in our views section. As part of the whisky blogging community we also follow and support all whisky blogs via our whiskymetrics.

If you love whisky then The Whiskyphiles blog is your spiritual online home.

Who reads The Whiskyphiles?

We receive around 20,000 visitors per month (~500/day) worldwide, with the majority readers from the UK and US and significant interest from Germany, Australia, Canada, France, The Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China and Sweden.


About me?

I am a fellow whisky lover turned blogger who loves exploring whisky and visiting distilleries. I started this blog as a personal resource so that I had fingertip access to the record of the whisky that I had sampled and how I rated it, wherever I travelled. I use this to make decisions on sampling further whisky at festivals, events or distilleries and also when purchasing whisky.

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