Lindores Abbey

Casks of Lindores STR Wine Barrique

Lindores Abbey The Casks of Lindores STR Wine Barrique

1. What they say

These ‘Casks of Lindores’ releases were designed to be sold exclusively through selected stockists and are not for sale online.

Packaged in the distinctive Lindores bottle and livery with colour specific base labels these bottlings are bottled at the distillery without chill filtration and at our Lindores bottling strength of 49.4%.

The second “Casks of Lindores” bottling features exclusively STR Wine Barriques. Matured exclusively in Shaved, Toasted and Recharred Red Wine Barriques from Spain.

2. Official tasting notes

  • Colour – Dark Chestnut
  • Nose – Mellow fruity apricot jam, toffee notes and a hint of cinnamon combined with butter and custard
  • Palate – Sweet and spices. Mellow plums and red berries, treacle, cinnamon spice and a pleasant woody smoky note. Very smooth, silky texture
  • Finish – Medium to long with spices, honey and caramel notes

3. Details

  • ABV 49.4%
  • Age NAS
  • Bottler OB
  • Bottling Casks of Lindores
  • Cask STR Wine Barrique
  • Category Single malt scotch whisky
  • Cost £50
  • Origin Lindores Abbey Distillery
  • Region Lowland
  • Released 2022

4. What I say

Sampled as part of the #LindoresAbbey Tweet Tasting 2022 hosted by Steve @TheWhiskyWire. Officially into whisky territory now, the last time I sampled Casks from Lindores they were not yet 3 years old. This is the second expression in the Casks of Lindores series and has been matured in STR Red Wine Barriques.

5. The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

  • Colour Auburn gold (13/20) oily, quick medium-large tears and legs.
  • Nose Vinous and honey, still that icing sugar sweetness, malty, malted milk biscuits, ovaltine, some damp wood, lemon Turkish delight.
  • Taste Rich and fruity, honeyed plums, apple, red & black cherries, red grape, astringency and tannins again, leathery and some black pepper spice and mace. Water helps giving forest fruits yoghurt and summer pudding.
  • Finish Drying and a little fibrous and woody, red and black cherries.

6. Overall

Careful STR treatment hasn’t stripped away all the good wine influence back to cardboard. Plenty of Lindores spirit notes present also with more than a little tannic and chewy wood. Definitely improving.

7. Score 83/100

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