Zuidam Distillers was started back in 1975 by Fred van Zuidam. The idea was to start a small distillery that only produced very exclusive products. He build a small distillery of 300 square meters with 1 small copper still and 1 small production line. 

After a long and struggling beginning it took Fred van Zuidam over 10 years to create the reputation of being the finest distillery in the Netherlands. But it was only after his wife Helene van Zuidam started creating the packaging for the products of the distillery that business really took off. In 1989 Zuidam expanded their warehouse with 600 square meters and one production line. 

These days both sons Patrick and Gilbert run the distillery under the watchful eyes of their parents. With Patrick caring for the distillery and production and Gilbert looking after the customers. They run a state of the art distillery of 3600 square meters with 4 brand new copper stills, over 1000 oak barrels,  4 production lines and a modern tank storage.

In all these years the aim of the distillery has never changed. Please the customers and try to produce the best products possible.

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

Official Bottling
  • Millstone 14 Years Old 1999 (Milroy’s) (2015) - Millstone 14 Years Old 1999 46% (Milroys’ of Soho) Dutch single malt whisky 46% ABV, £53 for 70cl Score: 90/100 What they say: Distilled in 1999 – Bottled 2013 – Region: Netherlands […]
  • Millstone peated Pedro Ximenez sherry cask Dutch single malt whisky Millstone peated PX cask (2021) - Superb full of both polished highland and sticky toffee, slightly medicinal with the peat smoke similar to cherry cough drops. A fantastic and powerful mix of sweet and smoke!
  • Zuidam Dutch Single Rye - Miroy's of Soho Zuidam Dutch Rye Single Cask (2015) - Zuidam Dutch Rye, Single Cask ~ 46% (Milroy’s of Soho) Dutch Rye Whiskey 46% ABV, £40 for 70cl Score: 92/100 What they say: Our latest bottling is the phenomenal and unique Dutch […]
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