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Zuidam Dutch Rye Single Cask

Zuidam Dutch Rye, Single Cask ~ 46% (Milroy’s of Soho)

  • Dutch Rye Whiskey
  • 46% ABV, £40 for 70cl
  • Score: 92/100


What they say:

Our latest bottling is the phenomenal and unique Dutch rye. Boasting 100% rye  content, as opposed to the rye/corn mashbills seen in the United States, this  rye offers intense orange aromas and citric flavours. Big and bold at only 46%  ABV this is a whisky for Scotch and Bourbon afficianados alike. To cap it all  off, this is the world’s first single cask single rye whisky. Grab one while  you can! ‘The rye is actually a really nice batch.  In my opinion it is from  one of the best batches that we have done thus far. It took some time to age  but it has this creamy rich texture that is quite rare.’ Patrick Van Zuidam.

Millstone Dutch Single Malt Whisky is owned and operated by the Zuidam Family.  More than 50 years of experience in distilling of exclusive spirits and an  obsessive search for perfection.


What I say:

Sampled at the Milroy’s of Soho Tweet Tasting 2


Dark amber gold (12/20)


Floral [lavender?] and strong sour lemon, citrus, woody scent? Bounty bar, definite coconut and chocolate


Wow this is a beauty from start to finish, fruit cocktail [banana mango peach apricot coconut] cream & custard, is this Pina Colada???


Medium, sweet, fruity with hints of vanilla and Edinburgh Rock


Favourite so far, most well rounded and finished, lots of nice fruit flavours

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