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Caol Ila 2008 Post-Octave

Caol Ila 2008 Duncan Taylor Pre-Post-Octave

Caol Ila 2008 Post-Octave whisky review: Again a very different experience, lots has moved around in this whisky when compared to the pre-octave and a heap of spices added, although here they are less distracting than the Highalnd Park Post-Octave. A lot more burnt, but dry burnt rather than over-caramelised sugars. Although the same score I prefer the Pre-Octave Caol Ila. 86/100

Highland Park 2003 Post-Octave

Highland Park 2003 Duncan Taylor Pre-Post-Octave

Highland Park 2003 Post-Octave whisky review: Having taken an already superb whisky and finished it for presumably only a short period (of all the samples this appeared to have the least difference/increase in colour), sadly there is too much spice on the initial palate for me and I struggled to decide whether I liked this one more or less than the Pre-Octave sample. I guess I was hoping for more here which didn’t come but this is still undeniably a good whisky. 87/100

Highland Park 2003 Pre-Octave

Highland Park 2003 Duncan Taylor Pre-Post-Octave

Highland Park 2003 Pre-Octave whisky review: A simply beautiful Highland Park expression, the bourbon cask has imparted a delicious sweet creamy vanilla to counter the herbal smoke, surprisingly I didn’t pick out much malt but it is there all along adding a lovely weight to this dram. A purists dream this one. 87/100