The Teeling Whiskey Distillery is Dublin’s newest destination for whiskey fans and for anyone with an interest in Dublin’s long association with Irish Whiskey. Located in the heart of Dublin City Centre, in the historic Liberties, the Teeling Whiskey Distillery is the only operational distillery in the city and home to the Spirit of Dublin.

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

Official Bottling
  • Teeling 21 Years Old 1991 Vintage Reserve - Teeling 21 Years Old 1991 Vintage Reserve (46%, OB, Bourbon & Sauternes Casks, 5000 Bottles, 2014) Irish single malt whiskey 46% ABV, £135 for 70cl Score: 83/100 What they say: This Silver […]
  • teeling-single-grain-whiskey Teeling Single Grain - Teeling Single Grain whisky review: Initially a little spirity on the nose but grat palate and flavour, with time/breathing mellows into a rich and sweet lemon curd, some tannin and spice but I didn't place the wine cask - I mistook it for the grainy spice from unmalted barley or rye cereals. 80/100
  • teeling-small-batch-whiskey Teeling Small Batch - Teeling Small Batch Whisky Review: Creamy and well balanced a very nice blend that hasn't been over-sweetened by Rum cask finishing. 83/100
  • teeling-brabazon-bottling-series-1-whiskey Teeling Brabazon Series 1 - Teeling Brabazon Bottling Series 1 whisky review: Great balanced sherry dram, not overtly sherried - I'm not sure I'd call this a monster? 
  • teeling-24-year-old-vintage-reserve-collection-whiskey Teeling 24 Years Old Vintage Reserve Collection - Teeling 24 Years Old Vintage Reserve Collection whisky review: Superb, musty and woody on the nose the Sauternes finish has worked wonders here with a lovely woody and herbal honey with touches of grape, orange and pineapple, delicious. 87/100
  • Teeling stout cask finish whisky Teeling Stout Cask Finish - An unusual but very nice/enjoyable expression, this still has quite a lot of citrus aroma and flavour from the base whiskey blend but it is not sharp/acidic and compliments well the very creamy chocolate nature derived from the stout casks.
Independent Bottling