Teeling Small Batch

Teeling Small Batch (46%, OB, 2019)

  • ABV: 46%
  • Age: NAS
  • Bottling: OB, Rum Casks
  • Category: Irish blended whiskey
  • Cost: £34.95
  • Origin: Teeling distillery
  • Vintage: Undeclared

Image courtesy of Master of Malt

What they say

This Whiskey challenges the convention of what an Irish Whiskey can be, with layers of unique flavour influenced by unconventional cask maturation techniques. Hand-selected casks of grain and malt whiskey are initially fully aged in Ex-Bourbon barrels, then married together in Central American Rum casks for up to 12 months for a unique, dried fruit profile. The corn/grain element of the blend brings a distinct sweetness, acting as a canvas for the rich, roasted caramel / toffee character of the malted barley. The grain and malt whiskeys are aged separetely in ex-bourbon barrels, in a ration of roughly 3:1, grain to malt. Vanilla and oak notes are imparted at this stage. Blending in small batches and finishing in Central American rum casks, allow the grain and malt whiskey to marry and take on a subtle dried fruit character.

Official tasting notes:

  • An inviting nose where vanilla and spice dance with bright sweet notes of Rum.
  • The palate has a solid Rum influence that creates a unique smooth, sweet and slightly woody marriage that sparkles on the tongue.
  • Exotic fruit notes push through as well, with a sweet spicy finish complimented by lingering woody undertones.

What I say

A blend of Teeling’s grain and malt whiskey’s finished in ex-Rum casks and released as Small Batch, this particular bottling was filled 04/2019 and was provided by Teeling in celebration of St Patrick’s Day 2020.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Dark gold (11/20), medium-large tears and medium legs.
  • Nose: Sweet and estery, iced pastries, thick vanilla custard, vanilla danish, polished oak wood, woody apple, light toffee and coffee notes almost like creme caramel dessert and sauce.
  • Taste: Medium bodied, quite a polished palate and very refined, sugary but not too sweet with fudge, caramel and toffee, lemon and lime curd, slightly herbal, cardamom, rose, praline.
  • Finish: Creamy vanilla, light brown sugar and light caramel sauce.


Creamy and well balanced a very nice blend that hasn’t been over-sweetened by Rum cask finishing.

Score 83/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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