History The distillery was formally established in 2015, although it took over a year for us to assemble the bespoke equipment and get the necessary permits and clearance. Initially we launched a London Dry Gin and range of Fruit-Infused Vodkas, with the first batch of the London Single Malt Whisky being distilled in May 2016.  We have already received multiple awards for our Bimber Originals range – including our London Dry Gin; Oak-Aged Vodka & Fruit Infused Vodka and continue to innovate with exciting new products for the UK’s burgeoning spirits movement.

Early in 2018, we launched The London Classics – which were born out of our desire to challenge the status quo of what is traditionally found in the ‘speed rail’ and availability as house pour spirits. Habitually dominated by mainstream spirits owned by global companies; the house pour spirit market to date has consisted of mass-produced, uniformed and tasteless spirits . Frustrated with this lack of creativity, individuality and value for money, we set about creating a unique London Vodka and London Dry Gin to challenge the norm and reintroduce character and flavour into the consumer’s glass. Initially we have seen huge success with The London Classics – stealing market share from huge brands such as Absolut Vodka and Beefeater Gin. The production and sales of our gin and vodka brands support the business whilst we are distilling and maturing The London Single Malt – which is our long-term goal – for us it is all about creating a young whisky that can make its mark on the global stage !

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes