Glen Scotia 21 Years Old 1991 Strawberry Ganache

‘Strawberry Ganache’ Glen Scotia 21 Years Old 1991 (46%, Wemyss Malts, Sherry Butt, 833 bottles)

  • Campbeltown single malt scotch whisky
  • 46% ABV, £100 for 70cl
  • Score 85/100


What they (MoM) say:


With the alluring name “Strawberry Ganache”, this is a 1991 vintage from Wemyss Malts. It was distilled at Glen Scotia before maturation in a single cask for 21 years. There are 833 bottles available.

Nose: Cocoa butter and hints of cinnamon bagels. Creamy and very fruity – cranberries and strawberry jam.

Palate: Lemon curd and rich, 70% cocoa chocolate. Malty and very faintly smoky. Salted butter.

Finish: Chocolate liqueur and rich pastries.


What I say:

Having never tried a Campbeltown malt that did not originate from Springbank and established a huge appreciation for Campbeltown malts, I really wanted to try something from one or both of the other distilleries in this region. I came across this Wemyss Malts bottling of Glen Scotia at Master of Malt and purchased their 3cl Drinks by the Dram sample for £7.40. Many of the other Glen Scotia reviews I have read all indicate a strawberry flavour inherent in their malt which further spurred me into trying this.


Deep red wine/gold


Strawberry Jam, chocolate covered strawberries, saltwater taffy and Fry’s Turkish Delight [chocolate covered, rose turkish delight]


Warm fruit compote [strawberry of course] , suede leather fizz [sherry cask influence], raisins, dark chocolate and salt [a little like drinking sherry out of a salted margarita glass! – I can only imagine]


Medium length finish that was both savoury and fruity with a little salt, spice and bitterness with hints of rose water

Would I buy it again:

For the experience this was well worth the price. Sadly my budget doesn’t stretch to a full bottle and these are likely no longer available to buy. I would definitely try more of the Glen Scotia range and they have just released a stable of multiple age ranges from the distillery of which the 12 year old I came across in travel retail [Brittany Ferries]. I am intrigued to see how intrinsic the strawberry element is within the Glen Scotia distillate, as I am sure it would lend itself well to much more than the sherry cask maturation/finish it enjoyed above. I’m sure a Glen Scotia will end up in my collection before too long!

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