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Glen Scotia 21 Years Old 1991 Strawberry Ganache (Wemyss Malts)


For the experience this was well worth the price. Sadly my budget doesn’t stretch to a full bottle and these are likely no longer available to buy. I would definitely try more of the Glen Scotia range and they have just released a stable of multiple age ranges from the distillery of which the 12 year old I came across in travel retail [Brittany Ferries]. I am intrigued to see how intrinsic the strawberry element is within the Glen Scotia distillate, as I am sure it would lend itself well to much more than the sherry cask maturation/finish it enjoyed above. I’m sure a Glen Scotia will end up in my collection before too long! 85/100

Hazelburn 8 Year Old 2002 Sauternes Wood

Wow! for 8 years old this has a lot going on. A simply superb whisky that absolutely proves that age isn’t everything! The balance between the peat of the spirit and the sweetness from the Sauternes cask is perfect. If anything the young age gives this a raw brutality to the whisky producing something more like a true Islay malt than a product of Campbeltown. 90/100