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Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc Finish

Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc w Box

Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc Finish Whisky Review: I haven’t been a huge fan of Auchentoshan for a while, or rather I haven’t had an OB expression that I could really say I liked or enjoyed from their older range. Admittedly I haven’t tried an awful lot of their new standard range. This one however is very different from their older expressions at least. Hugely drinkable and smooth but not light in character by any means. The Sauvignon Blanc cask influence is very complementary to Auchentoshan’s spirit character here and really adds much more sweetness, fruit and florality. Perfectly drinkable at room temperature, however that sweetness would probably last if this one was chilled slightly also.  83/100

Auchentoshan Three Wood


Auchentoshan Three Wood Whisky Review Category: Lowland single malt scotch whisky Origin: Auchentoshan Distillery Bottling: Suntory ABV: 43% Cost: £44.98 What they say: This unique Auchentoshan Lowland Single Malt Whisky has been […]