Auchentoshan Heartwood

Auchentoshan Heartwood

43% ABV, £45.99

Score: 67/100


What they say:

Exclusively for the Global Traveller

Heartwood combines the perfect balance of rich whisky aged in Oloroso sherry casks, with a nuttiness from bourbon cask maturation.

Tasting Notes

To The Eye:

Dark honeycomb.

To The Nose:

Fresh cappuccino.

To The Tongue:

A light sweetness develops into a rich, fruity mouthfeel.

To The End:

Dark and drying, with rich fruit lingering on and on.

What I say:

A short hop back into the mainland and the Lowlands region with the Auchentoshan Heartwood with its strong sherry cask influence more reminiscent of a fruity Speyside whisky than a typical lowlander. The Heartwood was the only darker coloured dram of the evening [proving colour isn’t everything when judging how whiskies may taste], the Heartwood is made up from Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry cask maturations. The result was a pleasing sweet, fruity, nutty whisky but sadly an offensive, burnt latex rubber finish which was slightly overpowering. The finish reminded me of overchewed bubble-gum that had lost all of its artificial flavours. A few members resorted to adding water which only killed the more pleasing flavours, I personally just kept dramming to keep the sweet up-front flavours prominent. This was possibly the least favoured whisky of the session. Plus by now, the newer members of the tasting group were really starting to appreciate how diverse whisky can be.

Originally sampled at Water of Life Society Tasting Event #2 The exception to the rule

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