Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc Finish

Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc Finish

Whisky Review

  • ABV: 47%
  • Age: NAS
  • Bottling: OB
  • Category: Lowland single malt scotch whisky
  • Cost: £50 available from Amazon
  • Origin: Auchentoshan distillery
  • Vintage: undeclared

Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc w Box

What they say

Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc is a unique combination of two worlds – the smooth triple distilled taste of Auchentoshan and the unique flavour of Sauvignon blanc casks that gives a fresh, vibrant take on Auchentoshan, setting out to reflect the ever-changing needs of the urban millennial.

The brand new urban malt is matured in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in Sauvignon Blanc Barrique casks, which gives it a distinct, smooth and high-quality taste. Distilled at 47% ABV, the result is a unique single malt that’s ‘best served chilled’ allowing the fresh flavours of citrus and apple to excite the pallete.

The release of Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc follows the recent announcement of the brand’s vibrant new look packaging and brand positioning, aiming to reach a new generation of whisky drinker who are looking for a smooth and exciting whisky to be enjoyed together with friends.

Eileen Livingston, Senior Director of Scotch Whisky for Beam Suntory, comments: “Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc is a unique innovation that disrupts the category and provides consumers with a drinking experience out of the norm. This enables us to connect with urban millennials who are looking to sample new expressions and shared experiences.”

Ron Welsh, Master Blender for Auchentoshan, says: “We set out to create a never-seen-before whisky on the market. Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc was crafted to be enjoyed chilled, allowing us to innovate on the key occasions when the product is shared.”

Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc tasting notes are included below:

Ex-Bourbon barrel matured, followed by Sauvignon Blanc Barrique finish

Official tasting notes:

  • NOSE Subtle citric notes of white grapefruit with light sweetness of white peaches and green apple, light perfume of eglantine, honeysuckle, Scotch broom and Jasmine.
  • TASTE Lightly peppery with zesty notes, green grapes, light acacia honey and lemon curd, vanilla sweetness, lychees and honeydew melon, but also dried grass and hay notes.
  • FINISH The finish is hot and peppery with lingering notes of custard apple with a salty mouthfeel.

What I say

This Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc Finish caused a minor furore when the press release was launched due to the serving suggestion ‘serve chilled’. This is pretty much standard ‘Toshan that has been finished in ex-Sauvignon Blanc wine casks. I’ve had plenty of really great Red wine finished expressions from them – mostly available as distillery exclusives. To be honest most of these have been great as they have masses of influence and colour from the casks. White wine cask finishes however can often get a little lost on whisky. From Sauvignon Blanc I would expect perhaps a little oak (possibly French?), fruit, acidity and florality. All of these are quite in keeping with Auchentoshan’s standard spirit character so does this one work?

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Light champagne yellow/green gold (4/20), numerous medium tears and long thin legs.
  • Nose: Sweet, lemon, citric, fresh, green apple, white grape, light honey, melon, fresh adn floral and a little soapy with lavender or lilac, light barley malt, biscuity.
  • Taste: Sweet honey and crisp or sharp fruit, grassy, cooking apple, candied lemon peel, oak wood, vanilla cream, lemongrass, medium-light bodied, becomes a little zesty and warming.
  • Finish: Medium, drying, apple, lemon and grape barley sugars.


I haven’t been a huge fan of Auchentoshan for a while, or rather I haven’t had an OB expression that I could really say I liked or enjoyed from their older range. Admittedly I haven’t tried an awful lot of their new standard range. This one however is very different from their older expressions at least. Hugely drinkable and smooth but not light in character by any means. The Sauvignon Blanc cask influence is very complementary to Auchentoshan’s spirit character here and really adds much more sweetness, fruit and florality. Perfectly drinkable at room temperature, however that sweetness would probably last if this one was chilled slightly also.

Score 83/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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