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Mortlach 1987 Connoisseurs Choice


Mortlach 31 Years Old 1987 Connoisseurs Choice whisky review: A superbly aged and sherried Mortlach. Has that slightly smoky and fireworks/struck match quality that belies the age and production process of this malt. Overtly sherried but not overly woody, more chewy and earthy along with that smoke. Superb. 90/100

Glenfiddich 23 Years Old Grand Cru Cask Strength


Glenfiddich 23 Years Old Grand Cru Cask Strength whisky review: Sadly I haven’t tried the released Grand Cru expression at 40% to compare this too, in honesty this was a little closed and woody at 56.4% and required a drop of water. The result was an explosion of sweet fruit, cereal malted barley and gentle woody oak balanced to perfection. 90/100

Octomore 8.2

Octomore 08.2 whisky review: Another peat monster but with some serious wine/fruity sweetness thrown in for measure. A little in conflict at first on the palate but eventually settles into a succulent sweet peatiness liked smoked jam. The wine casks have thrown in a handful of other fruits and plenty of oakiness too for good measure. 90/100