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FEW Bourbon


FEW Bourbon Spirit review: An unusually spicy bourbon/spirit drink, lots of new make spirit influence and a good dose of new american/white oak wood – that’s about where any similarity to (my experience of) bourbon ends. 70/100

Black Friday 2018: Orkney 18 Years Old


Black Friday 2018: Orkney 18 Years Old whisky review: A rather spicy, sweet, spicy, gently smoky, spicy, and spiced woody dram, did I mention a liberal sprinkling of spices here? I want to say fairly pleasant – but for me it’s that horrid example of Highland Park in refill casks that is the Palate-prickling equivalent of chewing on a wasp stuck on a thistle, bbq’d and covered in heather honey then washed down with Lemsip-soaked nettles. If you love that kind of thing then good for you – its a perfect example!

Miltonduff 2008 Pre-Octave

Miltonduff 2008 Duncan Taylor Pre-Post-Octave

Miltonduff 2008 Pre-Octave whisky review: This Miltonduff is just not quite there. Lots of good qualities, light, refreshing, floral, fruity and sweet on the nose but the palate is too spirity and vaporous. Along with the colour I’d suggest a good start in a refill ex-Bourbon hogshead but not quite ready to drink yet. 70/100

Arran 6 Years Old PX Sherry Octave Finish


Arran 6 Years Old PX Sherry Octave Finish – The Octave Project whisky review: On the face of it this had plenty going for it in terms of aroma’s and flavours, I must admit to preferring PX to Oloroso sherry most of the time. Unfortunately this is still too light-bodied to carry these flavours and any previous character has been obliterated. Sadly this PX finish tasted a little force-matured and this whisky’s backbone too weak to take it. 70/100