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Talisker Select Reserve House Greyjoy

House Greyjoy Talisker

House Greyjoy Talisker Select Reserve Whisky Review: A classic Talisker, probably a little youngish but with plenty of good peppery smoke and brine, some herbality. My first impression was this was much more buttery/oily/i.e. young compared to drier aged Taliskers, with more time and contemplation I can’t shake that briny green olive nature to this which I really like. 83/100

Talisker Skye


Talisker Skye Whisky Review: Much more cereal/barley led than I remember from our last tasting. A sprinkle of salt throughout and some lovely heather honey and yeasty notes shine through that are usually masked a little. This is distinctly Talisker but much more barley driven, I wonder if the relative ‘age’ of this NAS expression is creeping upwards? 82/100