For nearly a century, Evanston, Illinois, the home of the Temperance Movement, was a dry city. In dire need of liquor laws that weren’t penned the same year as the invention of the band-aid, FEW’s master distiller overturned century-old prohibition laws to become Evanston’s first distiller of grain spirits within the city limits. Alas!

In a world chock-full of mass-produced spirits, only few remain truly handcrafted, and small-batched. (If you’re reading this, you’ve indeed found the finest.) FEW Spirits are a new take on timeless distilling techniques, and transcend the oft-ordinary taste we’ve all grown accustomed to. Distilled from the very best grains, aged to perfection, and bottled under their own roof, FEW remains in their own hands until distribution.

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes:

Official Bottling
  • FEW-Bourbon FEW Bourbon - FEW Bourbon Spirit review: An unusually spicy bourbon/spirit drink, lots of new make spirit influence and a good dose of new american/white oak wood - that's about where any similarity to (my experience of) bourbon ends. 70/100
  • few-rye-spirit FEW Rye - FEW Rye (46.5%, OB, 2017) Category: US Rye Whiskey Origin: FEW Distillery Bottling: FEW ABV: 46.5% Cost: £66.95 What they say: Bear witness to the revival of rye. Born of the hearty […]
  • few-rye-spirit FEW Rye - FEW Rye review: A rather well-balanced and drinkable Rye (dare I call it Whiskey?), not too spicy with plenty of fruity elements this is good enough to drink neat or has mileage for mixing into cocktails and longer drinks if required. Definitely improving! 84/100
  • few-single-malt-whisky FEW Single Malt Whisky - FEW Single Malt Whisky review: A rather unusual single malt example, does what it says on the tin. It's like Scotch single malt but only superficially, so I guess this really is a US style single malt whisk(e)y - I'm still unsure whether or not to include the 'e'! 72/100
  • FEWWhiskey FEW White Whiskey - FEW White Whiskey (40%, OB, 2014) Category: Unaged American spirit Origin: FEW Distillery Bottling: Official ABV: 40% ABV Cost: £32.95 for 70cl Score: 48/100 What they say: http://fewspirits.com/ “Out of darkness, comes […]
Independent bottling
That Boutique-Y whisky company
  • FEW-Batch-1-That-Boutiqy-Whisky-Company FEW Bourbon Whiskey Batch 1 - FEW Bourbon Whiskey Batch#1 Whisky Review: Woody, suggesting perhaps it is a little older than their standard fare, but still quite spirity and feisty on the palate also. 76/100