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Speyside single malt scotch whisky

Dailuaine 12 Years Old 2008 PX Finish


Dailuaine 12 Years Old 2008 PX Finish Whisky Review: Thick and dark dram, full of coffee cake, tiramisu and black forest gateaux. That heavy and touch sulphury Dailuaine character here adds meat to the fibrous nutty and ground coffee nature. Again a perfect balance is struck between weighty PX influence and spirit nature. 86/100

Knockando 18 Years Old 1998


Knockando 18 Years Old 1998 Whisky Review: Much fresher and zestier then the 1994 expression, much more barley influence is discernible here and a much better balance is struck because of it. Plenty of chocolate and orange notes combine well and are prevented from becoming too heavy/cloying by a grapefruit zest freshness. 86/100