Category: Blends

A combination of spirits distilled at more than one distillery in Scotland

Nectar Grove Batch Strength Batch No. 001


Nectar Grove Batch Strength Batch No. 001 whisky review: A rich and syrupy sweet expression, unfortunately I haven’t tried the standard version to compare or make comment on the increased ABV presentation here in the batch strength. Very drinkable without water and reminiscent of other Madeira cask finished whiskies with lots of stone fruit influence. 82/100

Blooming Gorse


Blooming Gorse blended malt whisky review: A creamy and sweet blended malt with plenty of coconut influence as the name suggests. This borders on becoming soapy on occasion due to the florality but has a touch of citrus zest and plenty of sweet vanilla to keep it enjoyable. 83/100

Kininvie 3 Years Old Blend

Kininvie KVSB003

Kininvie KVSB003 blended scotch whisky review: Better than the single malt but not as good as the single grain.. There was still far too much of the weirdly fake/plastic lemon citrus flavour and way too much spice in the spirit which I suspect derives more from the single malt than the single grain component. I likely won’t be drinking much more of this one straight either. 75/100