Mannochmore 10 Years Old 2008 Mossburn No. 16

Mannochmore 10 Years Old 2008 Mossburn No. 16

What they say:

  • A distillery within a distillery!
  • Glenlossie was built nearly 100 years earlier
  • Built in 1971 its stills are relatively thin and tall which emphasises the florality.
  • Sherry casking would overwhelm it; Mannochmore always does well in American oak.
  • Primarily used in blends; notably Haig and Dimple it has never needed to become a brand in its own right although it was the Single Malt of the doomed ‘black whisky’ Loch Dhu

Tasting note:

  • Malty, fruity and candied cereal notes and orange peel spice

What I say

Staying in Speyside but moving towards Cask Strength now, Bruce answered various questions about determining when maturing casks are ready to be bottled. He mentioned specifically casks that are identified immediately as presenting their best as they are found at Cask Strength and this is exactly one of those casks.

  • ABV 56.1%
  • Age 10 Years Old
  • Bottler Mossburn
  • Bottling Vintage Casks No.16
  • Cask Hogshead
  • Category Single Malt Whisky
  • Cost £65
  • Origin Mannochmore Distillery
  • Outturn n/a
  • Region Speyside
  • Released 2018
  • Vintage 2008

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance Soave (4/20), medium, oily tears and long, medium legs.
  • Nose Fruity, washbacks, fermenting, yeasty, malty, cereal barley malt, soft fruits, apple, pear, banana, golden syrup, later vanilla, Danish pastries, vanilla sponge cake.
  • Taste Medium-light bodied, mixed fruits, fruit cocktail, slightly sour, barley and spiced latte coffee, reduced with water, softer, orchard fruit peels, vanilla, citrus orange peel and toasted flaked almonds.
  • Finish Medium-long, spiced and drying.
  • Overall Works well both at cask strength or reduced, plenty of fruit and a sweet cake-like nature.

Score 83/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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