Langatun 5 Years Old Batch 3

Langatun 5 Years Old Batch 3

  • ABV: 51.2%
  • Age: 5 Years Old
  • Bottling: That Boutique-Y Whisky Company, Batch 3, 635 Bottles
  • Category: Swiss single malt whisky
  • Cost: £89.95
  • Origin: Langatun distillery
  • Vintage: Undeclared

What they say

A 5 year old Swiss single malt from the lovely Langatun, independently bottled by That Boutique-y Whisky Company. On the label, you’ll see a map, that seems to be tracking… Something. Perhaps it’s a hint towards what sort of cask the whisky slumbered in…?

Batch 3 is a release of 635 bottles.

Official tasting notes:

Nose: Immediately grassy and honeyed, with a real vegetal vibe. There’s a burnt rubber quality too, along with pineapple, mega-ripe banana, a whisper of cinnamon, and a dash of black pepper.

Palate: The tropical fruit fiesta continues, wrapped up in an oily, creamy mouthfeel. There are some more delicate florals that come through, along with a breakfast cereal graininess. Raisins, pecans, dried banana slices and some gentle red fruits add interest.

Finish: Long and oily, rounding off with a pleasingly sweet spice warmth.

What I say

My first sampling of Langatun whisky from the Langatun distillery in Switzerland. This was bottled by That Boutique-Y Whisky Company at 5 years old as Batch #3.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Chardonnay gold (5/20), Medium tears, long, fine legs.
  • Nose: Dessert-like, sweet and vanillic, vanilla ice cream, banana split dessert, custard cream biscuits, apple pie with cinnamon, hints of floral rose and elderflower.
  • Taste: Neutral on the palate, fruit juice, green, vegetal and spiced, like clove, pineapple and dry oak wood, peppery spices, black pepper, cinnamon, allspice, lychee, banana a little caramelised.
  • Finish: Medium-long, spiced wood.


A touch woody but with some lovely sweet and floral notes, also a little bit vegetal on the palate.

Score 79/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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