Arran 6 Years Old Rum Octave Finish

Arran 6 Years Old Rum Octave Finish – The Octave Project

  • Category: Island single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Arran distillery
  • Bottling: A. D. Rattray, The Octave Project
  • ABV: 57.3%
  • Cost: £25 for 5 x 3cl


What they say

For this experiment we chose a single Bourbon Barrel from Arran Distillery and divided the matured whisky from inside it between four different Octave casks, retaining one portion of the original whisky for comparison.

Taste the results of our Octave Project with this set of 5x 3cl Little Drams, including a sample from the original Bourbon Barrel and samples from the 4 Octave finishes a PX Sherry, Oloroso Sherry, Rioja and Rum.

Octave project

What I say

Thanks to A.D. Rattray for sending me this Arran octave project set to review.

Composed of 5 x 3cl drams, distilled at Arran and matured in an ex-Bourbon barrel for a minimum of 6 years, before cask finishing in 4x different ‘seasoned’ Octave casks.

This sample was finished in a Rum seasoned Octave.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Mid-champagne gold (4/20). Slow, medium tears leave finer legs.
  • Nose: Sweet, cotton candy/candyfloss, sugar glaze, subtle fruits and barley, banana, apple, lime, vanilla and coconut.
  • Taste: Sweet and sticky, the syrupiness lends this a little bit more mouthfeel than the others, sugar-glazed cinnamon apple Danish, Rose’s lime cordial and almost a hint of chocolate limes, some further powdered baking spices mixed in brown sugar round out the palate.
  • Finish: Medium-long, sweet and almost a little too sharply spiced but not quite, pencil shavings.


Finally a little bit of body in this one, it borders on becoming undone by the spirity & spicy nature which comes across as youthful exuberance. I have come unstuck upon several rum-cask finishes of late but this one has renewed my interest in them. A very pleasant way to finish off our Octave Project sampling.

Score 73/100

My overall conclusions on #TheOctaveProject, what a fantastic way to explore cask finishing! I’d much rather spend the asking price on a set like this than a bottom of the range standard age statement bottling (at supermarket prices) for example. Very educational and quite cute in challenging perceptions and preconceptions about cask finishing. I really do like the ability to compare the original Bourbon barrel with each finish – like a before and after comparison. Maybe a 6 year old Arran set was unlikely to be the most exciting for me, but I feel it provided quite a neutral backdrop to explore each of the octave finishes and I really fancy trying out the other sets available now.

Shop for Arran 6yo The Octave Project (opens A.D. Rattray)

Don’t take my word for it:

The Amateur Drammer reviews Arran 6yo Rum octave

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