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Williamson 6 Years Old 2011 Single Cask


Williamson 6 Years Old 2011 Cask #130 whisky review: Probably would have been my dram of the night if the Cask Islay (Caol Ila?) hadn’t been so darned good! A lot earthier in its peat this one and some substantial cask influence despite the use of a bigger vessel (butt) over a relatively short period. Perhaps if left a few more years this one could have been truly amazing? 87/100

Cask Islay


Cask Islay single malt scotch whisky review: A delicious Islay expression which at first nose suggested Caol Ila distillery, later a hint of gun oil had my mind drifting towards Lagavulin but the beauty of these is we don’t really know where it came from (or if each release hails from the same place). The best thing to do is not care and just enjoy this for what it is – a really great peated Islay expression, powerfully evocative phenols paired with sweet vanilla from ex-Bourbon casks. 89/100

Cask Orkney 18 Years Old


Cask Orkney 18 Years Old whisky review: I have to agree that this fits the profile of for example Highland Park’s Freya expression (also Bourbon cask matured). Full of heathery and lightly floral peat influence and that slightly salty and very malty distillate the Kirkwall distillery is rather famous for. 86/100

Pulteney 10 Years Old Rum octave finish

OctaveSet-Pulteney-2_2000x (2)

Pulteney 10 Years Old Rum octave finish – The Octave Project whisky review: Sweet but also a little savoury this one, it grew on me but not as instantly likeable as some of the others in this set. It is actually quite hard to fault the Original Bourbon Barrel expression which shone the most in intensity of flavour, the others at time seem a little muddled by the finishing but still of great quality. 83/100

Arran 6 Years Old Rum Octave Finish


Arran 6 Years Old Oloroso Rum Octave Finish – The Octave Project whisky review: Finally a little bit of body in this one, it borders on becoming undone by the spirity & spicy nature which come across as youthful exuberance. I have come unstuck upon several rum-cask finishes of late but this one has renewed my interest in them. A very pleasant way to finish off our Octave Project sampling.