Single malt

Arran 6 Years Old Rioja Octave Finish

Arran 6 Years Old Rioja Octave Finish – The Octave Project

  • Category: Island single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Arran distillery
  • Bottling: A. D. Rattray, The Octave Project
  • ABV: 57.6%
  • Cost: £25 for 5 x 3cl


What they say

For this experiment we chose a single Bourbon Barrel from Arran Distillery and divided the matured whisky from inside it between four different Octave casks, retaining one portion of the original whisky for comparison.

Taste the results of our Octave Project with this set of 5x 3cl Little Drams, including a sample from the original Bourbon Barrel and samples from the 4 Octave finishes a PX Sherry, Oloroso Sherry, Rioja and Rum.

Octave project

What I say

Thanks to A.D. Rattray for sending me this Arran octave project set to review.

Composed of 5 x 3cl drams, distilled at Arran and matured in an ex-Bourbon barrel for a minimum of 6 years, before cask finishing in 4x different ‘seasoned’ Octave casks.

This sample was finished in an Rioja seasoned Octave.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Rose gold (10/20). Medium-fine tears and medium legs.
  • Nose: Dusty and fruity, strawberries and bananas, marshmallows or Flumps sweeties, a touch of strawberry balsamic vinegar.
  • Taste: Strawberry laces, a little chilli spice and pepper, tannic wood, some green oak in this one too, clove, cinnamon and mace spices, quite sharp and fizzy, strawberry and lime and coconut.
  • Finish: Long, like tannic fruit tea with marshmallows in it.


Wow, superbly good and equal to the Oloroso in enjoyment terms. This Rioja-cask finish is a little dustier and drier and has a slightly lighter fruit profile with hints of spice and greener oak wood. That classic combo of strawberry and lime that really works.

Score 73/100

Shop for Arran 6yo The Octave Project (opens A.D. Rattray)

Don’t take my word for it:

The Amateur Drammer reviews Arran 6yo Rioja Octave

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