Jura One And All

Jura One And All 20 Years Old (51%, OB, 2017)


What they say:

A few miles off the West Coast of Scotland you’ll find our island; isolated, sometimes wild, yet always beautiful. 200 people call this island home, with just one road, one pub and one distillery – our distillery.

Rebuilt in 1963 by this passionate community, the distillery now employs 10% of the island’s population, who work together day and night to craft Jura Single Malt Whisky. You can taste this dedication in every drop.

While the distillery brings jobs and visitors to the island, the Diurachs’ give our island home its own unique quality: a close knit sense of community and collaboration that’s hard to find elsewhere.

It’s this sense of community that makes Jura what it is today. The realities of living on a remote island in a small community means that everyone has to work together for the benefit of one and all. Nowhere is this bond stronger than at Jura Distillery.

Our team make the distillery and whisky what it is today. For our latest limited edition release, we invited the distillery team to hand-select their favourite liquid in a tribute to their dedication, craft and the community spirit embodied in the whisky itself.

Capturing a glimpse into what it’s like to live and work on the beautiful Island of Jura, this new limited edition expression raises a dram to the people who make and shape the unique character of our whisky.

With our distillery sitting at the beating heart of an island shaped by family, fate and history; this rare, limited edition bottling has been chosen specially by the distillery team to celebrate a unique bond.

A true product of its environment, this small batch whisky has been aged for 20 years creating notes of tropical fruits, maple syrup and chewy black liquorice. Non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength (51% ABV), this single malt assemblage has been specially prepared from freshly filled American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels and Jura that has been aged in Sherry wood, sparkling Cabernet Franc cask, Cabernet Sauvignon casks and Pinot Noir barriques.




Tropical fruits, toffee, ginger spice and honey.


Black morello cherries, maple syrup, chewy liquorice and white chocolate.

Cask Finish

This single malt assemblage has been specially prepared from freshly filled Bourbon barrels and Jura that has been aged in Sherry wood, sparkling Cabernet Franc cask, Cabernet Sauvignon casks and Pinot Noir barriques. Non-chill filtered, natural in colour and with a natural strength, this whisky is a true product of its environment.

What I say:

It has been a while since I have sampled some Jura, despite my favouring their standard expressions. I guess this is one of the unfortunate consequences of having to sample plenty of other distilleries from both Scotland and around the world. Maybe I am in need of coming home to something familiar and may indeed spend next year focussing on just a few of my favourite distilleries and trying as much variety from them as possible. This Jura One And All expression has been constructed by Whyte & Mackay Master Blender Richard Paterson and the whole team at the Jura distillery selected out this particular bottling for their One And All expression. Produced by marrying together a wide variety of cask types which have been maturing Jura spirit for 20 years or more. Thanks to Tom at Toms Whisky Reviews for sharing this one with us.


Dark gold with mahogany highlights (14/20), few fine tears and long thin legs


Sweet and spicy, fruity, pumpkin and orange soup with white pepper, the sweetness derives from vanilla and also candy corn and dolly mixture sweeties, a hint of ginger-spiced latte coffee and toffee leads into maple syrup and more familiar Jura territory with chocolate, white chocolate buttons, marzipan and a touch of chilli jam


Sweet, honey and syrup initially with a slightly darker chocolate and spiced backing, tight and quite oily with some zingy and zesty citrus orange, maple syrup, polished toffee, gingerbread, pumpkin loaf, toasted pumpkin seeds, peppery oak, haggis, a touch of cigar smoke, cinnamon and cola bottle sweeties, dries to become suede-like dry and tannic.


Medium-long, polished walnut and peppery oak woods, spiced gingerbread and a wisp of cigar smoke.


Deliciously complex and interesting, there is some familiar Jura ground here but also plenty of other stuff going on. sweeter on the nose and much more tannic and spicy on the palate to the point it reminded me of good peppery haggis. For Jura this is unusual and interesting but dare I say it, more than a hint of Dalmore (like Cigar Malt, King Alexander IIII and Superstition all blended together).

Score: 88/100

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