Highland Park

Highland Park 15 Years Old

Highland Park 15 Years Old (40%, OB, 2017)


What they say:

15 year old single malt from Orkney’s Highland Park Distillery, which was re-released in 2016. Dig in to waves of coastal smoke and Sherried peels, with a good core of barley to follow it up.

Nose: Orange and lemon peels, joined by sea breeze and vanilla custard.

Palate: Smoke begins light and coastal, develops throughout with a hint of well-toasted malt. Sultanas and redcurrants sit beneath it.

Finish: Long-lasting smoky elements.

What I say:

The 15 year old expression from Highland Park despite it’s re-release in 2016 is no longer to be found in their new Viking inspired range re-design.


Dark amber bronze (12/20) medium-fine tears leave fine legs


Sweet heather honey, floral then cider apples, malty beer, yeasty bread, fruity apple and pear, hints of heather, peat, sea salt/spray, beeswax, leather, peach skin, citrus peel, vanilla and cinnamon dusted Danish pastries


Smooth and sweet, heather honey, malty cereal barley, yeasty bread and beer, full-bodied, oily and buttery in taste and texture, unctuous on the palate, a slightly peaty tang is enhanced with a sprinkling of smoked sea salt, leathery, tannic old wood and ropes alongside baked orchard fruits; apple, pear and cherry


Long, tannic, peaty, heather honey combine with rich and sweet cereal notes


Deliciously sweet heather honey, malt and tannic oak combine with wispy peat smoke and coastal salt to enhance the baked fruit nature of this expression. One to take time over, a lot of time!

Score: 90/100

Don’t take my word for it:

Read TOModera’s Whisky Review of Highland Park 15

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