Glen Moray

Glen Moray Elgin Classic Peated

Glen Moray Elgin Classic Peated (40%, OB, 2016)

Whisky Review

  • Category: Speyside single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Glen Moray Distillery
  • Bottling: La Martiniquaise
  • ABV: 40%
  • Cost: £26.83


What they say:

There’s an almost mysterious, ethereal quality about this radiant malt whisky.
No wonder we enjoy moments of pure lightness as we sip a dram of Glen Moray.

The sweet vanilla flavours combine with layers of peat smoke to deliver a whisky which is satisfying and long in finish.


Light Gold


Layers of peat with background of vanilla. Tangy rhubarb and hints of leather.


Instant peat smoke, lightly spiced with creamy vanilla.


Long, sweet and spicy.

What I say:

Following our recent visit of Glen Moray Distillery during our Speyside and Highland vacation we were lucky enough to receive one of the tasting sets from the recent Glen Moray twitter tasting! Included within was this new Peated expression released in their Elgin Classic range. We loved sampling their 2 year old Peated Spirit and this continues in the same vein but has better structure and balance and is presented at a much more palatable 40% ABV (rather than over 60%!). During our tour I asked Iain if they were still producing peated spirit, to which he replied they run 1 month peated barley per year at Glen Moray mostly to provide for the peated requirements of La Martiniquaise Label 5 blend components as we both agreed that Islay supplied malt would be prohibitively expensive. I am glad the hold a little back to play around with Glen Moray Peated single malt expressions, as so far they have been very impressive & enjoyable.


White burgundy (5/10), numerous medium tears leave fine legs


Sweet and peaty, cereal barley, peat-smoked custard cream biscuits, there is a mass of sweet creamy vanilla, almost chalky/drying ‘pure’ peat quality, the vanilla becomes cloying but also moves from cream to milky (but surprisingly not lactic/new make-like)


Soft and light initially, vanilla cream, milk, biscuit malt, vanilla custard, peat influence, smoked dried barley, cigarette smoke, a little ashen, rhubarb and custard sweeties


Medium-long, sweetness of the vanilla and peat persist in balance


Pretty good, a nicely balanced and pleasing dram. A good introductory to peaty whisky as it is not overpowering but quite delicately presented and kept in balance with a rather simple but solid sweet vanilla and biscuit malt. Good for everyday dramming.

Score: 82/100

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