Springbank 12 Years Old Burgundy

Springbank 12 Years Old Burgundy (53.5%, OB, 2016)

  • Category: Campbeltown single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Springbank Distillery
  • Bottling: J & A Mitchell & Company
  • ABV: 53.5%
  • Cost: £60


What they say

We are happy to announce the release (June 3rd 2016) of the new Springbank Burgundy 12 year old that will be available in the UK from this weekend and worldwide within the next few weeks. This has been matured in Fresh Burgundy Casks and bottled at cask strength 53.5%vol. The Springbank Burgundy 12 year old will be retailing at around £60.00.

Official tasting notes:

  • Nose: Bold and rich with mineral and dunnage warehouse notes combining with maple syrup, pancetta, cranberry and red currants.
  • Palate: A soft velvet like texture with buttered brown toast and chocolate shortbread complimenting light herb & oak notes.
  • Finish: A medium dry finish gives up liquorice and mint accompanied woody tannins.

What I say

A fully wine (Burgundy) cask-matured Springbank – hell yeah! sign me up!!

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Sunset, reddish bronze/amber gold (12/20), fine tears with fine legs
  • Nose: Spirity, syrupy, honey & sugars, crème brulee, maple syrup, malty cereal barley, tannic oak wood, red fruits; plum, damson, beech-smoked (black forest) ham/meaty, gentle peaty embers, parkin cake, treacle and wheatgerm bread
  • Taste: Thick and oily on the palate, tannic oak and spiced cayenne pepper to the fore, mellows into bbq sauce and wood smoke, golden syrup, honey glazed bbq ribs/gammon, toasted wholewheat bread, dark chocolate with chilli flakes, herbal tarragon and anise
  • Finish: Medium length, drying tannic oak, jammy red fruits damson and chilli


Robust, gentle cask influence on a solid Springbank backbone. Tannic, spice and herbal red fruits. I was hoping for something much more full-on in red wine influence but this is more balanced between spirit, wine and cask.

Score 83/100

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