Bowmore 10 Years Old Tempest Batch 2

Bowmore 10 Years Old Tempest Batch 2 (56%, OB, 1st Fill Bourbon Casks, 2010)

Whisky Review

  • Category: Islay single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Bowmore Distillery
  • Bottling: Morrison Bowmore
  • ABV: 56%
  • Cost: £54.45

What they say:

First the storm … then the calm.

Matured in first-fill ex-bourbon casks, our Master Blender has selected a range of casks that create a tropical storm for the sixth series. One moment your face is washed by the full force of a typhoon, with its salty sea tang. Then next you feel the warmth of the sun’s golden rays on your skin as the clouds disperse and a magical calm descends. Welcome to Islay, where the seasons, moods and flavours all collide.

Tempest Batch No. 2 – 56% ABV

On the eye warm gold.

Breathe in dry peat smoke perfectly balanced by delicious zesty lemon pepper.

Sip initial bursts of lemon pepper followed by the signature Bowmore peaty set salt tang. The citrus returns at the end adding balance and complexity to the mouth feel.

Savour fresh lemon pepper.

Omakase Sayonara WOLS

What I say:

The final dram from the Omakase Sayonara WOLS Tasting presented by Richard Kuo hails from one of his favourite distilleries, Bowmore on Islay. This relatively unadultered expression results from maturing Bowmore spirit for a minimum of 10 years in first-fill bourbon casks before it is bottled at cask strength and released in small batches (currently 6 so far)


18 carat gold (8/20) large, medium-quick droplet tears leave very fine & long legs


Peaty and fresh, vanilla extract, malty cereal barley, fruity lemon and orange, apple juice, honey-sweet, slightly medicinal, hospital/dentist surgery waiting rooms, clove oil? germolene and bandages, carbolic soap or iodine, more grainy cereals and a little sandalwood.


Fruity, fruit gums/dolly mixture sweeties, lemon and orange citrus, candied peel, heavy peat influence, liquorice-like, dark touch of treacle toffee, some freshly sawn oak wood, recently creosoted wooden fence.


Long, peaty and fruity, liquorice salty and drying, slightly tannic


Fruit and peat, lots of vanilla on the nose but doesn’t translate into the palate. Definitely a Nosing whisky, a real pleasure to sit and smell, it is dark and richly textured.

Score: 83 points

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3 replies »

  1. Good morning Barry,

    I am a subscriber to your ‘Whiskyphiles’ email, and hitherto understood this to be a notification of new releases, but have often noticed that bottles, such as the Bowmore Tempest Batch 2 on today’s email, are marked as ‘Sold Out’ when you issue the email.

    Would I be more correct therefore, in reading your emails as being your ‘reviews’ rather than advice of new releases?

    Best regards,

    Roger E. Cooper


    • Hi Roger,

      Absolutely, the email notifications are sent out for any new post (something I don’t have much control over), our New Releases is a weekly news item, the remainder are more likely to be reviews. Whilst I try to be current with these occasionally I get the chance to sample whisky that has long since sold out at retailers – but should still be available on the secondary market/at auction and I would hope to still be of general interest to our readers.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,



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