WhiskyMetrics: Whisky Blog League Table December 2015

Firstly many thanks for all the support, criticism and commentary on our Top 20 post WhiskyMetrics: Top 20 Whisky Blogs – November 2015

The most common theme for commentators was where am I? I suppose it is natural for most to be curious about where they are in life (!) or possibly just in relation to friends or competitors. I have compiled a more complete list – mostly thanks to Sku whose complete list of Whisky Blogs was my go to reference list of active whisky blogs.

Much has been commented on the accuracy of the Alexa metrics and despite all the drawbacks it remains my only independent assessment, sadly not all had enough traffic to make it onto the system but over 200 blogs did, presented here as both a league table (for those that like that sort of thing) and an alphabetical list (for those that don’t and to make it easier to find your site should it be listed). I will probably not go to the lengths again to list every one as many are reasonably volatile or active in terms of changes in their estimated ranking. I’ll just leave it to say that there is a wonderful diversity out there and any of these blogs are worthy of your time and attention so please check them out and see what you like. Again this ranking is by an estimation of traffic (i.e. popularity/visitors) and in no way reflects the time or passion committed to each. As this is a more complete list we have sadly bumped down to our rightful place at #38 – still something we are very proud of 😀

  1. The Whisky Exchange
  2. Master of Malt
  3. Whisky Advocate
  4. Bourbonr Blog
  5. The Whiskey Wash
  6. The Scotch Noob
  7. Whiskey Jug
  8. Whisky Fun
  9. The Whisky Vlog
  10. Meleklerin Payi
  11. Whisky Experts
  12. The Whiskey Reviewer
  13. For Whiskey Lovers
  14. Bourbon Banter
  15. Whisky Intelligence
  16. Scotch Addict
  17. Whisky Notes
  18. Breaking Bourbon
  19. Red White & Bourbon
  20. Stogies On The Rocks
  21. Bourbon Blog
  22. Scotch Whisky
  23. LA Whiskey Society
  24. Whisky Marketplace
  25. Bexsonn
  26. Pancakes and Whiskey
  27. Great Drams
  28. Nonjatta
  29. Whisky Cast
  30. Modern Thirst
  31. A Wardrobe of Whisky
  32. Sour Mash Manifesto
  33. Dramming
  34. Whisky For Everyone
  35. Canadian Whisky
  36. All Things Whisky
  37. Whisky-pages
  38. The Whiskyphiles
  39. Edinburgh Whisky Blog
  40. My Annoying Opinions
  41. Bourbon of the Day
  42. Whiskey Lately
  43. Ralfy
  44. Thirsty South
  45. Whisky Israel
  46. Distillery Trail
  47. Fred Minnick
  48. Malt Review
  49. Whisky Boys
  50. Miss Whisky
  51. Whisky Tasting Fellowship
  52. Bite and Booze
  53. Whisky Saga
  54. Best Shot Whisky Reviews
  55. The Casks
  56. Whisky Critic
  57. Bourbon and Oak
  58. The Pursuit of Pappy Van Winkle
  59. Coopered Tot
  60. How to Drink Whisky
  61. Whisky Tasting Club Dom’s Blog
  62. Somerset Whisky
  63. Luk Loves Whisky
  64. Malt Imposter
  65. Bourbon Guy
  66. There Will Be Bourbon
  67. The Japanese Whisky Review
  68. Booze Dancing
  69. Drink Insider
  70. Bargain Bourbon
  71. Words on Whisky
  72. Women Who Whiskey
  73. Malt and Oak
  74. Whiskey-Reviews
  75. Whisky Times
  76. The Whisky Wire
  77. Toms Whisky Reviews
  78. Single Malt Lodge
  79. Whisky Gospel
  80. Malt Love
  81. Liquid Irish
  82. Whiskey Informative
  83. The Singapore Whisky Blog
  84. Words of Whisky
  85. Whiskey Catholic
  86. Malt Maniacs
  87. Adventures in Whiskey
  88. 3 Drunken Celts
  89. NY Loves Whisky
  90. Whisky Guy Rob
  91. The Cutting Spirit
  92. Loving Whisky
  93. Whisky and Wisdom
  94. Whiskey on the House
  95. Chemistry of the Cocktail
  96. Whisky Party
  97. Bourbon Buzz
  98. Friends of Single Malt
  99. Irish Whiskey
  100. Tennessee Whiskey Trail
  101. Whisky Waffle
  102. The Whisky Lady
  103. Malt Fascination
  104. The Bourbon Guys
  105. Jew Malt
  106. The Bourbon Truth
  107. Master Quill
  108. Amateur Drammer
  109. Adventures in Whiskyland
  110. Malt Klaus Daily Drams
  111. Whisky For Girls
  112. Barrels and Mash
  113. Distant Thunder Whisky Club
  114. Bourbon Scout
  115. Bourbon Season
  116. River City Whisky Society
  117. Scotch Cinema
  118. Whiskey Apostle
  119. Diving for Pearls
  120. Whisky-news
  121. The Whisky Woman
  122. Bens Whisky
  123. The Mash Notes
  124. A Dram Good Drink
  125. Whisky & Architecture
  126. Bourbon
  127. Sipology
  128. Distilled Opinion
  129. The Whisky Ledger
  130. Cask Finish
  131. Time For Whisky
  132. Fork and Stave
  133. Buffalo Whiskey Guild
  134. Malt Freak
  135. Astoria Whiskey Society
  136. Tire-Bouchon
  137. The Plaid Party
  138. Whisky Buzz
  139. Whisky Bent
  140. Whisky Won
  141. GJR’s Whisky Blog
  142. ScotchBlog
  143. iScotch
  144. Whisky Speller
  145. Whersky
  146. The Scotch Life
  147. Whisky Squad
  148. Spokane Whiskey Club
  149. Uisga Beatha
  150. Cask Strength
  151. Canadian Whisky Enthusiast
  152. The Bourbon Mafia
  153. The Toshan Man
  154. In With Bacchus
  155. Whisky Lassie
  156. BourbonVeachDotCom
  157. Whisky Sponge
  158. Lovers of Whisky
  159. Whisky of the Week
  160. Friendly Whiskey
  161. Bottom of the Barrel Bourbon
  162. Baseball and Bourbon
  163. Whisky Corner
  164. Whisky Guild
  165. Smokey Peat
  166. Dr Whisky
  167. Potstilled
  168. Smoky Beast
  169. The Whisky Dramalista
  170. Whiskying
  171. Whisky Apocalypse
  172. Malt Activist
  173. Dramlicious
  174. Whisky Anthology
  175. Drambox
  176. Bourbon Story
  177. Whisky Girl
  178. Owensboro Bourbon Society
  179. Epic Bourbon
  180. Bourbon Babe
  181. New Bourbon Drinker
  182. Scotch Odyssey
  183. Bourbon Empire
  184. A Tasty Dram
  185. The Whisky Moose
  186. Blues In The Bottle
  187. WhiskNick
  188. Still Daddy
  189. Practical Whisky
  190. Bourbon Hub
  191. Bear Marks
  192. Dragons and Dragonflies and Whisky?
  193. Whisky Discovery
  194. The Whiskey Dame
  195. Whisky Joe
  196. The Mashtun
  197. The Drammers Notes
  198. Take That Liver!
  199. Drinks with Nathan
  200. Asia Whisky
  201. Whiskysnob’s Blog
  202. The Best Bourbons
  203. Barrel Proof Monk
  204. Whiskey And Whisky For The Everyday Man
  205. Scotch and SciFi
  206. Bourbon, Beer and Bites
  207. The Bourbon Blog

Alphabetical listing (followed by Rank)

Thanks for reading!

If you are on Sku’s list but not this one then I was unable to determine your metric.

If you are on neither then please feel free to get in touch 🙂

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  1. Criticism was unfair – really interesting metric and listing Barry, fascinating to see how we are all doing. Appreciate your labour of love for whisky and whisky blogging in putting this together fella. G

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You seem to have left out Sku himself.

    As someone who has no plans to make any money off their blog, I’m not really sure why I have any interest in rankings/traffic but I look from time to time. I am never sure what to make of Alexa’s rankings or the Google Analytics numbers that some people post publicly. I am often ranked higher on Alexa than a number of people who post Google Analytics data that show that their monthly traffic is twice or thrice what WordPress shows me as mine.


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